Star Trek Select 7-inch Action Figures from Diamond Select Toys : checklist database of releases & reviews
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Diamond Select Toys


Kirk & Khan, The Original Series

Spock & Hora, The Original Series


Captain Jean Luc Picard


Lt. Worf, The Next Generation


Khan, The Wrath of Khan


Captain Kirk (Into Darkness)

Spock (Into Darkness)

The Borg

Diamond Select Toys have held a licence for Star Trek products for a number of years, picking up the franchise when it purchased Art Asylum in 2007. 

In 2012 Diamond Select moved the Star Trek releases and aligned them with its existing Select line of Action Figures. Figures were now released in the large carded Select packaging and included some form of diorama base. Select Star Trek figures were less articulated than other Select releases and early releases were almost part statue with fixed legs and posed parts. 

Diamond now hold the licence for the Paramount produced "Kelvin Timeline" movies while the traditional CBS TV licence, including the brand new Discovery Series, has been taken on by McFarlane.

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