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Super7 Ultimates, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Wave 1

Super7 have released the full details of their first wave of Ultimates 7-inch scale Mighty Morphin Power Rangers figures. The wave will feature four "human" sized figures and the fifth figure of a Zord.

We kick off with Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger, who will feature a Green Ranger helmeted head as well as two unmasked heads - one representing "Good" Tommy and the other "Evil" Tommy when he was being controlled by Rita Repulsa. He features alternative arm options, swap out hands, and an array of weapons including the Dragon weapon set, Sword of Power, and Sword of Darkness.

The Yellow Ranger will also come with a Helmeted head and two unmasked heads with one for Trini Kwan and the second to display the figure as Aisha Campbell. She will feature a set of Blade Blaster weapons, alternative hands, and a scaled mini-figure of Mr. Ticklesneezer.

Facing off against the Rangers will be Goldar. He will stand about 8-inches high and comes with two heads, alternative hands, and options to display him with wings outstretched or folded back. He is armed with his sword and also comes with 5x badges of darkness as well as a Power Coin Box.

The other bad guy inclusion is a Putty Patroller army builder figure. This release features two head options and alternative hands. There are then several pieces to vary the look of your Putty Patroller with soft goods clown collar and football jersey, a cowboy hat, and a bandana. There are also removable Z-Putty vest pieces and knee pads.

Including the Zords in this line is an interesting concept. The first figure will be the Red Rangers Tyrannosaurus Dinozord, standing 8-inches tall and packed with a number of alternative handpieces. Scale is achieved with the inclusion of tiny Power Ranger figures. You even get a replica Power Coin.

The first wave is now in its pre-order window and this runs until Friday the 30th July 2021. After the pre-order window closes the items will be produced to meet the pre-order quantities with the figures due to ship in Spring 2021. You can order direct at Super7 or via any Super7 stockist who will facilitate the pre-order on your behalf.

Tommy Oliver first debuted as the evil sixth Ranger, controlled by Rita Repulsa, defeating the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the Megazord single-handedly! It took the combined power of all five Power Rangers to break Rita Repulsa’s spell. With his free will returned, the Green Ranger could join the other Rangers in their fight against Rita Repulsa. Is Tommy still under her influence, or is he a loyal member of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers team? With this Green Ranger ULTIMATES! figure, it could go either way! This 7” scale highly articulated deluxe action figure comes with interchangeable heads - Good Tommy AND Evil Tommy! - multiple sets of hands, and a variety of accessories, including the Dragon Dagger, Dragon Shield, and so much more. Kick off your MMPR ULTIMATES! collection with the greatest Power Ranger of all time, the Green Ranger!


  • Green Ranger Helmet

  • Good Tommy Oliver Head

  • Evil Tommy Oliver head

  • 2x Fists

  • 2x Gripping Hands

  • 2x Gripping Hands (vertical)

  • 2x Dagger Playing Hands

  • 2x Martial Arts Hands

  • 4 x Interchangeable Arms

  • Dragon Dagger

  • Dragon Dagger (classic toy inspired)

  • Dragon Shield

  • Dragon Shield (classic toy inspired)

  • Blade Blaster (classic toy inspired)

  • Sword of Power

  • Sword of Darkness (with soft goods tassel)