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SatTOYday Special : Marvel Legends Top 10 of 2019

The Mephitsu Archives has been running now for nearly 6 years, and at the end of each year I do like to look back and pick some of my favourite figures from the year just passed. These lists are from the figures I've reviewed that year and from the lines I collect and review - predominantly Star Wars Black Series, Marvel Legends MCU and select NECA, Diamond and McFarlane lines.

This year I have split out the list into a selection of Top 10's, each focusing on a different group of figures. Let me know what you think of my choices....

We start with Marvel Legends, and specifically the MCU releases from Hasbro. While I have picked up most of the 2019 releases there are some notable absences from my collection that I therefore can't pick in my Top 10. These include The Collector, The Grandmaster, Korg and Ghost - watch out for them as I fill in the gaps in 2020.

Each figure in the Top 10 has a link via the image to the full review if you want to see more...

#10 Thanos (BAF)

from Avengers Endgame

This was the Thanos we had all wanted in 2018 from Infinity War, the fully armoured Thanos and his twin blades ready to deal out destruction. There were flaws with the figure, notably the Infinity Gauntlet, and the figure was a BAF so not the cheapest figure to add to a collection

#9 Valkyrie

from Avengers Endgame

The Endgame Valkyrie, complete in the white and gold armour, is a very impressive figure with a brand new Tessa Thompson headsculpt to boot. The cloak is a niggle but serviceable with a bit of effort - just don't pose her with that floppy sword and sheath.

#8 Corvus Glaive (Exclusive 2-Pack with Loki)

from Avengers Infinity War

Corvus Glaive was initially one of the toughest figures to find in 2019, especially here in the UK where he was shipped in the 2-pack with Loki in very low numbers. Thankfully distribution caught up and allowed collectors to complete their Black Order - with Corvus arguably being the nicest of the four in terms of sculpt, decor and overall screen accuracy

#7 M'Baku (BAF)

from Black Panther

M'Baku was one of the stand-out characters from Black Panther, and featured in both Infinity War and Endgame. It was therefore great to see him immortalised as a figure at the end of 2018 as part of a Black Panther wave made up entirely of MCU figures. M'Baku is big, detailed, well sculpted and full of character and a great centrepiece to a display

#6 Rescue (Pepper Potts)

from Avengers Endgame

The Pepper Potts in Rescue Armour figure was a surprise inclusion in the second Endgame wave. The figure was filled with the sculpted detail we expect on a Legends Iron-Man armour and even included decal text on the arms and backpack.

#5 Red Skull (SDCC 2018)

from Captain America

While we had already got a Red Skull in the First Ten Years releases, this was the one I wanted in my collection - to me the long coat was much more iconic. It took me a while to secure as the figure was packed with a 1:1 scale Tesseract for SDCC 2018. But trust me, in hand it is worth the chase.

#4 Captain America (80th Anniversary 2-Pack with Peggy)

from Captain America

The original Captain America movie fell a bit too early for Marvel Legends and it was great in 2018 and 2019 to see the 2011 movie revisited with some awesome new figures, particularly this version of Steve Rogers - who was packed alongside long term sweetheart Peggy Carter in a box set to celebrate the 80th Anniversary

#3 Skurge (80th Anniversary 2-Pack with Hela)

from Thor : Ragnarok

After a slow start, Thor Ragnarok now boasts a substantial roster of figures, and the Skurge figure is one of the best. With a great Karl Urban headsculpt, well designed and well painted armour and his signature axe - what more do you want? Well Des & Troy obviously.

#2 Mysterio

from Spider-Man : Far from Home

The Mysterio figure was the best of the Spider-Man Far from Home figures in 2019. This new MCU villain is well executed in his green and purple robes and hi gold armour. The only thing missing was an unmasked head.

#1 Captain America (Power & Glory)

from Avengers Endgame

Out of all the 2019 releases, it was the Power & Glory Captain America that caused the most demand when it was released. And it is easy to see why... we have an update Cap figure with new head sculpt and he comes with both his shield and Mjolnir. A must have figure to lead your Endgame heroes against Thanos

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