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SatTOYday Roundup : Issue 170 (Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest Special)

Happy #SatTOYday everyone!

Across the 8th and 9th of April Hasbro ran the Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest 2021, a virtual event showcasing new products from Hasbro's key brands. There was a Preview Party on the 8th, followed by a full 4hr online event on the 9th covering Star Wars, Marvel, Power Rangers, GI Joe, Transformers, and their new license Fortnite.

As a fan site I was invited to participate in the event, and I sat on the Fan Panel at the end of the Transformers Panel which was a really big honour and felt great that after 6 years of building the site that we are now being recognised by the action figure companies we cover.

The event saw an unveiling of new waves for Star Wars Black Series, Marvel Legends, Power Rangers, and the first wave of Fortnite 6 inch figures - the Victory Royale Series. We also got a number of new Transformers revealed from War for Cybertron: Kingdom. In this issue, I will endeavour to summarise all the Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest news... there will then be a bonus issue this week to cover the rest of the action figure news.

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Spoiler Warning : Images relating to the new Snake Eyes movie are contained in this article

Star Wars Black Series

The Star Wars Black Series panel brought us the reveal of the 5th wave of the new Galaxy Collection. The characters had been revealed in a live stream event earlier this year, but the Fan Fest unveiling now included full gallery images of the new additions.

The sole movie representation in this new wave is from Return of the Jedi, a new Lando Calrissian, now in his Rebel General outfit. The Star Wars TV series make up the rest of the wave with Aurra Sing from Clone Wars, Q9-0 (Zero) and Koska Reeves from The Mandalorian, and by Tech from the upcoming Bad Batch series. This new 5 figure wave will be an Autumn 2021 release.


The other Black Series reveal was in the 1:1 scale helmets collection with a release of Wedge Antilles Rebel Pilot Helmet. The 'Battle Simulation' Helmet will feature sounds and light-up effects within the helmet to simulate laser blasts. It will be a Summer 2021 release.


Star Wars Vintage Collection

The Vintage Collection news started with a small segment at the Preview Party event, with the Star Wars Brand Team confirming the return of a Fans Vote for Vintage Collection in 2021. The 'Vote from the Vault' will give collectors a choice of 5 figures to re-release, with the shortlist picked from the rarer or most in-demand figures.

The choice, once the vote opens, will be the Clone Wars Ahsoka Tano, the Republic Commando, Starkiller from The Force Unleashed, Weequay from Return of the Jedi and the Hover Tank Pilot from Rogue One.


Moving to the main event and we have a full new wave of Vintage Collection figures revealed and up for preorder for an Autumn 2021 release. The new wave features Luke Skywalker in his Hoth gear and Han Solo from Endor with a removable trenchcoat. There is also an Emperors Royal Guard with removable robes, armoured body and removable helmet. And the wave is rounded off by Admiral Ackbar.

The Gaming Greats line is also translating to Vintage Series with a wave of four figures coming Summer 2021. The wave features the same figures as released to date in the 6-inch Black Series with the Electro Scout Trooper and Purge Trooper from Jedi Fallen Order. The Heavy Battledroid from Battlefront 2. And the Shadow Stormtrooper from Force Unleashed. According to the press info, the figures are all general release except the Purge Trooper which is a US Gamestop Exclusive. The wave is available via Hasbro Pulse and Specialist Stores here in the UK.

The final reveal for Vintage was a new X-Wing decor, Blue Leader from Rogue One. It will be released along with an exclusive Anton Merrick figure. This is a Target US Exclusive and a Toys R Us Exclusive in Canada. It is available via Hasbro Pulse and your Specialist Store of choice here in the UK. It should land in the Autumn.


Marvel Legends

The Marvel Legends team were a big part of the 'Preview Party' hosted by Steve Evans on the 8th of April, even bringing along Taboo from The Black Eyed Peas as a Special Guest for their segment. They also revealed a couple of new figures being worked on, with digital images of Domino and Cannonball - now complete with legs. We have no other details at this stage, and it was alluded to that the set may be a 2-pack like the older Hasbro release.


The main Marvel Legends presentation kicked off with a look at a 3rd wave of the Marvel Legends 3.75-inch Retro figures. The wave will feature Grey Hulk, Invisible Woman, Cyclops, Bullseye, Ant-Man, and Vision. It is due for release very soon, listed as a Spring 2021 release.


We then moved onto a full-wave reveal for the comic fans, all themed around Iron-Man. We had already seen the classic Ultron figure via a rendered image in a previous presentation. He is being joined in the wave by Modular Iron Man, Vault Guardsman, Stealth Iron-Man, Hologram Iron-Man, Ironheart, and Darkstar. The BAF for the wave is a very impressive-looking Ursa Major. The wave will be a Summer 2021 release.


The Walgreens (US) Marvel Legends exclusives are currently themed around the Cosmic side of the Marvel universe. Following on from the Dark Silver Surfer and Nova, Quaser will be the next Walgreens exclusive. Arriving in Summer 2021, the figure will be available via Hasbro Pulse and Specialist Stores in the UK.


In 2021 the MCU figures from Hasbro will be badged in a new collection called the Infinity Saga. These figures will be boxed in packaging not dissimilar to the 2018 First Ten Years sets and will feature the original movie poster art on the box back. The first figure from the range has been confirmed as Thor, as seen in the Final Battle of Endgame. He will come with both Mjolnir and Stormbreaker as well as lightning effects. We will have to wait on the contents of the other sets, but we know Thor will be an Autumn 2021 release. He is not exclusive, but it is indicated other sets in the Infinity Saga collection may well be retailer exclusives.


The other MCU reveal from Hasbro was the next 1:1 scale prop replica, the Eye of Agamotto from Doctor Strange. The piece will feature a stand and can also be worn around the neck. It features a removable light-up Time Stone and will be released in the Autumn of 2021.


There was also a lot of talk during the two Marvel Legends presentations about the incoming HasLab Sentinel with a look via the Legends Team at the articulation and the light-up features. The boxed packaging was also revealed.

The team then left us with a tease of the next Marvel Legends HasLab project, with images of the Fantastic Four Legends figures. The speculation is that this could be Galactus.



The Transformers reveals were very much focused around the 3rd part of the War for Cybertron Netflix Series. Kingdom. There will be new Deluxe figures of Scorponox, Wingfinger, and Tracks. They will be joined by Voyager class Rhinox, Leader Class Galvatron, Commander Class Rodimus Prime and an even bigger Titan Class Autobot Ark.


We will also be getting Hasbro Pulse Exclusive for Kingdom, with a Tricranius set complete with 19 different blast effects pieces. The Tricranius set will be exclusively boxed and released in Summer 2021.


There was also confirmation of a Hasbro Pulse exclusive line of figures based on an upcoming IDW comic book storyline, Shattered Glass, which features an alternative Transformers universe. There are five figures planned in the Shattered Glass series, each coming with a mini IDW comic book. The line will launch with Blurr in Summer 2021.


One of the most impressive items revealed at the Hasbro Panel was not actually a Hasbro product, but a licensed release made by Robosen. The Robosen Optimus Prime Transformer actually self transformers from truck to robot and back. It features voice commands as well as a linked app to give the robot commands for posing and actions. It also features the voice of Peter Cullen and light up functionality.

The item will cost $699 and is being sold by Hasbro Pulse to US collectors only. It will ship in October 2021. As images do not do this item any justice, checkout the promo video below.


Power Rangers

The Power Rangers panel brought us news that the Metallic Armour Pink Ranger released earlier in 2020 would be joined in 2021 by the rest of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers team in the same armour. The new wave would feature Black, Blue, Red and Yellow Rangers each with masked and unmasked head and weapon accessories. The wave looks to be a Hasbro Pulse exclusive, but the UK press release did confirm these would also be available at Smyths Toy Superstores when they arrive in October 2021


The other new figure announced was a further figure taken from the pages of the Boom! Comics series. The Tyrannosaurus Sentry will also be an exclusive, via Target in the US. Again, here in the UK it is being offered by Hasbro Pulse and is also listed as coming to Smyths in the UK press release info.



Hasbro's 6-inch collectors series for Fortnite will be called the Victory Royale Series and the first wave will leave the battle bus and arrive in stores in the Autumn of 2021. The four-figure wave will be made up of Midas Rex, Rippley, Lynx, and Chaos Agent. Each figure will come with a harvesting tool and back bling as well as a weapon of choice.

There will then be two deluxe releases. The first is Meowscles, complete with gym equipment. The second is a two-pack of Skye and Ollie. There is also a Loot Shark release incoming which features an articulated Shark that splits apart to reveal a pile of loot within.

We don't have a formal release date or promo blurb for these deluxe sets as yet. The panel also took another look at The Foundation, Zero Crisis Special Edition which remains an early 2022 release and may indicate other members of the Seven may also be in the works for a similar release.


GI Joe

The first GI Joe news broke a day or so ahead of Fan Fest, with a Yahoo exclusive article giving us a look at the first figures from the new GI Joe Origins movie, Snake Eyes. The 6-inch figures were a basic line - similar to the £10 toys we have had from several Marvel movies - and feature two versions of Snake Eyes, a Storm Shadow and a Baroness all coming to stores in August 2021.

Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow will also get Stealth Cycles to ride. And the line is then bolstered by a second wave in November 2021 of Scarlett, Red Ninja, and NightCreepers.


The Snake Eyes movie will also be represented in the Classified Series, and like Marvel Legends it will be treated as part of the mainline and numbered alongside the other figures.

The Snake Eyes movie figures feature Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow - both with unmasked heads and weaponry. There are then figures of The Baroness, with removable glasses, Scarlett and Akiko who is a new character in the GI Joe Universe. While the movie has been brought forward to Summer 2021, the Classified figures will be released in October 2021.



Ghostbusters as a brand were not featured during Fan Fest. The next products will all be for the new Ghostbusters Afterlife movie and that is holding back reveals and releases. However, in the week of Fan Fest, the Ghostbusters Afterlife movie debuted a new character by way of a short scene teaser. The Mini-Puft Marshmallow Men are a dream for toymakers and marketeers and shortly after the clip went live, Hasbro unveiled a series of 1.5 inch blind bagged Mini-Puft coming to stores this Autumn,


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