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SatTOYday Roundup : Issue 168

Happy #SatTOYday everyone!

The Zack Snyder Justice League movie continues to headline action figure news this week with another McFarlane exclusive revealed, and a new boxset coming from Mezco in their One:12 line. But the big news of the week was from NECA who surprised everyone by confirming that they will be bringing us a new line of figures from the 1990's animated series Gargoyles.

The week was relatively quiet after these headlines, particularly after last week's deluge of news and reveals. NECA have confirmed a new Secret of the Ooze figure is in development, while Mezco revealed a Popeye set in their 5Points line. Hasbro did finish off the week with a reveal for their first Fortnite 6 inch release.

There were a couple of leaks this week for The Falcon & The Winter Soldier. The first was via an official source and is covered on our newsfeed on the site, the second we are not covering as it was leaked images that should be embargoed. Stay tuned for official Falcon & The Winter Soldier reveals via the 'Marvel Must Haves' events as the series progresses.

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Mezco Justice League

Mezco have revealed this week that they will be releasing figures from the Zack Snyder Justice League movie, with a pack of three unveiled for release in the first quarter of 2022. The set features Batman and Superman who have been released previously by Mezco in the One:12 Collective as part o the Batman vs Superman line. Batman has an updated suit to match the one worn in Justice League, while Superman moves from the red/blue suit to the new Black Suit. Both figures get alternative heads - Superman with a laser eye alternative, and Batman with an unmasked Bruce Wayne head. Batman also gets an entire armoury of accessories including Batarangs, Grappling Gun, and even a Parademon rifle.

The third figure in the set is The Flash, who was touted back in 2017 but never unveiled. He features clip on speed force FX pieces and an alternative head. The set also packs in a new Motherbox accessory, complete with a light-up feature. The packaged set is up for preorder now.


Mezco 5Points

Mezco are also expanding their 3.75 inch 5Points line with a new Popeye Box Set including Popeye, Olive Oyl, Bluto, and Rough House. The set features alternative harms for Popeye and Bluto and of course a can of spinach. Rough House will also come with a frying pan and spatula to flip his burgers. The set will also feature a diorama of Rough House's cafe for display. You can order the set now, and it will ship sometime between August and October 2021.


NECA Gargoyles

NECA's significant news bombshell of the week was the reveal of a new license and an intention to release a line of figures from the 1990s Gargoyles Disney TV Show. The line will launch in July with an Ultimate Goliath who will stand 8 inches tall and have a 16-inch wingspan. The figure comes with two face options, alternative hands, jalapeno pepper, and a book.

NECA have confirmed that 5 figures are ready with more in the development stage, so it looks like NECA intends to go relatively deep with the Gargoyles series.


NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

NECA teased a new figure this week in their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie line. Following the release of Shredder from the first 1990 Turtle Movie, NECA will be releasing Shredder from the sequel, Secret of the Ooze. All we have so far is a teaser image and a behind-the-scenes shot of the head being painted. We await more info.


Hasbro Star Wars

Last week's announcement from Hasbro for the Star Wars Black Series was a new wave of 6-inch figures from the history of Star Wars Publishing. Among them was Carnor Jax from Crimson Empire, but it was soon pointed out that the figure was a bit of an issue, considering it was actually the armour and cloak of Karnor Jax that Hasbro were releasing. Hasbro have since posted a confirmation about the mixup and that the figure is indeed Kir Karnos. However, it seems the wave is too close to production for any material changes to the packaging.


The other Star Wars news from Hasbro this week was that of a new interactive Grogu from The Mandalorian. This updated sound FX Grogu features update tech to recognise the included accessories when placed in his hands or indeed in his mouth. This 'Galactic Snackin' Grogu will be an Autumn 2021 release.


Hasbro Fortnite

The first true Hasbro Fortnite figure in their new 6 inch Victory Royale Series was unveiled this week. The Foundation, one of 'The Seven' will be an exclusively packed figure and exclusive it seems to Hasbro Pulse. The figure features both an umbrella glider and back bling and will feature exclusive packaging that will be used for all members of The Seven (it seems Hasbro have plans to do all of them). The figure is up for pre-order now, but the release date is some time off in April 2022.


McFarlane Justice League

The McFarlane Justice League figure reveals kept coming this week. Last week's announcement of the general release wave and the Walmart & Target exclusives, as followed this week with an exclusive unmasked Batman variant that will be sold by Entertainment Earth. Batman comes with a Batarang and Grappling Gun and will release alongside all the other Justice League figures in June 2021.


We also got a clearer look at the Walmart Exclusive Cyborg this week. The original listing has some poor resolution images when it was first loaded, these have since been updated with clearer versions.


McFarlane DC Multiverse

In last week's issue, we brought you the news of two identical Shriek figures listed on the Target website in the US. One was from the BAF wave which is exclusive to Target this year and is being released in stages - with one figure each month. The other looked - at the time - to be a clone of this figure, albeit without the BAF part. It has now been confirmed, via an updated listing, that the general release of Shriek will be a variant to the BAF wave and will feature an unmasked head. The rest of the figure, and the sonic accessories, are the same. This general version of Shriek will be a July 2021 release.


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