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SatTOYday Roundup : Issue 167

Happy #SatTOYday everyone!

This week's news includes another new side-line of figures for the Star Wars Black Series as well as the date confirmation of the Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest where we are promised a whole raft of news from across the various Hasbro properties. McFarlane have also had a busy week with more Justice League figures confirmed as well as a couple of other releases in the DC Multiverse.

NECA may just have won the announcements this week with a new license in their Ultimate Horror Series in the shape of The Thing, and they also had the usual spread of other news and teases from Friday the 13th to Ninja Turtles, via Back to the Future.

In other news, we look at the first Mezco GI Joe release. There is the last knockings of the Jazwares 6 inch Fortnite line hitting retail before the license for that figure size moves to Hasbro, and Mattel have finally shown us what the Amber Collection Ray Arnold figure looks like!

You may see a change of format in our reviews this week as I make some changes around figure photography and review coverage to help better present my reviews to the audience. All feedback is appreciated as you check out this week's offerings of the Star Wars Black Series Armorer from The Mandalorian and the 'Best of the MCU' Black Widow which has been bought in from Japan.

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Before you read on, can I provide this Spoiler Warning for anyone avoiding all content for Stranger Things Season 4, Justice League and the Disney+ show, Falcon & The Winter Soldier

Star Wars Black Series

There was some interesting Star Wars news this week in the Black Series from Hasbro with another sideline of figures announced as part of the 50th Anniversary of Lucasfilm. The 'Publishing' figures are based on various iconic Star Wars publications from over the years, dipping back pre-Disney into what we now call Star Wars Legends.

Each figure is presented in a closed box format with the cover designed to mirror the book, comic or novel from which it is taken. The cover then opens to reveal the figure within and some background information. The full wave is up for pre-order now and will ship sometime in the Spring.

We kick things off with Darth Maul from Darth Maul Sith Apprentice, who uses the lower legs of the original Maul figure with a new naked torso and what looks to be new or tweaked head sculpt. From the Marvel Comics comes Jaxxon the smuggler who looks to be a predominantly new figure complete with twin blasters.

The Crimson Empire series is included with Carnor Jax, or should that be Kir Kanos as the figure included is actually a recreation of Kir and not Carnor Jax as labeled. This is the existing Imperial Guard with a new soft goods cape and double-bladed staff.

The wave ends with Luke Skywalker from Heir to the Empire. This is a repainted Dagobah Luke, but the set is given some added value with the inclusion of a Ysalmari to display with the existing Grand Admiral Thrawn figure


Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest

Following the launch of Hasbro Pulse UK last week, this week saw the announcement of a new online Fan event on April 9th called the Fan Fest. This time the event is timed around both UK and US audiences with panels from each of the main brands within Hasbro and new products to be unveiled.

Many of the products will go up for pre-order on the day with Premium Members of Hasbro Pulse having early access to many of them.


Mezco One:12 Collective

The Mezco One:12 Collective will be releasing GI Joe figures in the 6 inch premium line in a new licensing deal with Hasbro announced last month at Toyzfair. The first figure to hit stores will be Destro who was put up for pre-order this week along with a full gallery of images.

Destro will feature three head options, alternative hands and a number of weapons. He also comes with a light-up briefcase which also contains a further multi-piece weapon that can be assembled in different combinations. The Mezco Destro figure will be a first-quarter release in 2022 (January to March).


McFarlane DC Multiverse

Much of the focus of the week for DC fans was the release of the Zack Snyder Cut of Justice League that went live on Thursday. We had already seen the first set of McFarlane figures from the movie last week, and this week we were introduced to two more as store exclusives.

The Superman in Red & Blue suit will be sold via Target stores in the US and includes the same flight stand and collectors card as the black suit variant. He will be a May 30th release.


Also releasing at the very end of May is a variant of the Cyborg figure with helmet. This exclusive will sit with Walmart in the US. Images released so far for this figure are very low-res, but it looks like it comes with an alternative arm of sorts as well as the stand and display card.


Elsewhere in the Multiverse, we got a look this week at the general release of the Flashpoint Batman. While the Target exclusive came masked, this version has an unmasked portrait while the figure and accessories remain the same. Flashpoint Batman will be an April 2021 release.


The figures of John Stewart Green Lantern and Bizarro from DC Rebirth, and the Nightwing from Death of the Family were also listed this week for pre-order with a gallery of images for each figure. This next batch of releases will be an April 2021 release.


And the next figure in the Jokerbot BAF wave, the one that is being released a figure at a time every 2-months at Target, was fully unveiled. Shriek will feature a sound-wave accessory, display stand and the BAF part for the Joker Bot (both arms). What is interesting is that a second version of Shriek is also listed by Target as a general release without the BAF part. The BAF exclusive figure will be released in May 2021 with the general figure arriving in July 2021. Of course here in the UK and elsewhere around the world, we have to wait until the end of 2021 to get the Jokerbot BAF wave which will be released all at once after October 2021.


Other reveals from McFarlane this week were from the DC Rebirth series with the figures of John Stewart Green Lantern, Bizarro, and the Nightwing from Death of the Family. These figures are heading to stores in April 2021.


There was also a look at a variant of the Last Knight on Earth Wonder Woman that will be heading to Target in the US. This version of Wonder Woman comes with the alternative head sculpt featuring the Doctor Fate helmet. We await details of the pre-order and release date on this figure.


McFarlane Mortal Kombat

The Noob Saibot figure from McFarlane is arriving in June 2021 and there will be a variant version with a bloody paint job going into Gamestop stores as an exclusive.


There is also another Spawn variant heading to stores in June 2021. The Lord Covenant Spawn figure features an updated blue & grey paint job and a sword weapon.


NECA The Thing

The classic 1982 movie, The Thing, has cult status and is a film that a number of people have tried to license for action figures in the past - most recently Pop Culture Shock - but there have been only a couple of figures that have made it to market... until now.

This week, and on the day of Kurt Russell's birthday, NECA revealed that they have the license to make an Ultimate RJ Macready figure from the Thing and we can expect him in the Ultimate format this Summer, 2021. The release will include a number of head options, shotgun accessory and a bottle of booze and a glass.


NECA Back to the Future

The NECA Back to the Future tease from last week of Griff Tannen's arm and his baseball bat was followed up this week with a look at the Pitbull hoverboard which we hope is part of the same Ultimate Griff Tannen figure - although we await full confirmation.


There was also a full figure reveal with NECA giving us a good look at the Back to the Future Part II Doc Brown figure. He will feature two head options by the looks of the images and the money case is also going to be included as per a previous teaser image. He will be a June 2021 release.


NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

NECA have promised a big year for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figure releases, and the next of them has been announced this week as a new Ultimate version of the Foot Soldier in the Cartoon series line. The 'Trouble's Afoot' release will see the Foot Soldier be packed with three varying head options as well as a security officer cap for more variation.

The Foot Soldier is then armed with a variety of weapons including some impressive ray guns as well as more traditional swords and spears. A communicator to talk directly to Krang is also included. The set will be a Target exclusive and we await the details of when it wil be released in the US and how it will be distributed elsewhere in the world.


NECA Friday the 13th

The next Friday the 13th figure from NECA will be a Part VII Jason Voorhees, as announced last year. NECA had been pretty quiet on the whole thing since the initial reveal, but this week we got a reassurance the figure is still in the works and some new promo images - including a new head with split mask and skull underneath.


Diamond Select Lord of the Rings

The 3rd wave of the Diamond Select Lord of the Rings figures have gone up for pre-order for an August 2021 release. The set features Aragorn and a Moria Orc, that also features alternative head options for army building. Neither figure are shown with all their accessories, so we are awaiting some final confirmation of content from Diamond. The figures in wave 3 will complete the Saurun build-a-figure.


Diamond Select Iron Giant

Also incoming from Diamond in August 2021 is a new version of their 8.5 inch Iron Giant figure. The Battle Mode Giant features an undented helmet with light-up eyes and weapon arms.


Bandai Warhammer 40k

Bandai have brought us three excellent Primaris Intercessor Space Marines so far in their 6 inch Warhammer 40k line - Ultramarine, Imperial Fist and The Salamandars. The next release has been confirmed this week as being taken from the White Scars, specifically the Eagle Brotherhood. The new White Scar marine, like the others, will go to pre-order for a very limited one week window at the end of March 2021. Production will be based on pre-order numbers, with the figure shipping (we estimate) at the very end of this year or early 2022 when you look at the turnaround for previous figures.


Bandai Spirits Stranger Things

Bandai are also releasing a 7 inch Bandai Spirits figure of Jim Hopper from Season 4 of Stranger Things. The figure will be released in November 2021 and comes with the railroad hammer we see Jim wielding in the Season 4 teaser trailer.


Jazwares Fortnite

It seems the Jazwares 6 inch line of Fortnite Legendary figures is coming to a close with Hasbro due to pick up the baton later this year (Jazwares will still produce the smaller figures). There are still a few new Jazwares figures still to come with the Midas figure now up on Amazon UK alongside a gallery of images. Midas is starting to ship now and is in the same wave as Recruit (Jonesy) and Dark Voyager.


Jurassic World Amber Collection

We've known about the new 6 inch figures of Ian Malcolm and Ray Arnold in the Amber Collection for some time now, but this week the official images were released. Ian is essentially the same as the original release as far as we can see although a new walkie-talkie accessory seems to have been added. Ray will feature a 90's era computer and headset as well as the handiwork of the raptors with a detached arm option. Both are due for release in the next few weeks alongside the new Tiger Raptor and Pteranodon.


Iron Studios

Iron Studios also marked the release of the Zack Snyder Justice League cut with the reveal of their Black Suited Superman from the movie. The statue will be a late 2021 release.


Kaiyodo, Marvel

It was confirmed this week that the Kaiyodo Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Iron-Spider figure is getting an exclusive black-suited variant. The figure will release in August and features the same removable mechanical arms and web effects as the main release.


SH Figuarts, Falcon & The Winter Soldier

The first figures from Falcon & The Winter Soldier have been revealed by Tamashii Nations in the SH Figuarts line. Both Falcon and the Winter Soldier will be released as Bandai webstore exclusive in Japan in August 2021, and we are awaiting the details of any US/UK release.

Falcon has a 12.5 inch wingspan and the wings can be removed and can also accommodate the removable drone Redwing. Winter Soldier comes with Captain America's shield, which is an interesting choice and we will have to see if that is anything more than an evening out of content between the two figures.


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