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SatTOYday Roundup : Issue 164

Happy #SatTOYday everyone!

The start of this final week of February was dominated by Mezco and their ToyzFair virtual event. A raft of new product was revealed, including new One:12 Collective 6 inch figures from Marvel and DC as well as classic movies AND from the properties Hasbro which was a real surprise for many.

Hasbro held their Investor Event this week and that brought us some interesting news on a new line of action figures as well as the news that Hasbro Pulse will land in the UK some time in the future. There was also some Star Wars reveals from Hasbro with a new Deluxe Black Series release and a new addition to the 1:1 scale Electronic Helmet line.

Other news includes two new MAFEX figures - both with a claim to the best action figure accessory ever. There was NECA Ninja Turtle news including a new Lootcrate series and a Walmart exclusive figure.

Sadly, time has been against me this week so not a single review has been posted. I have several prepared so hopefully will have new reviews to share over the next week.

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Mezco ToyzFair

In the absence of the New York Toy Fair in February 2021, Mezco took to the internet with a virtual event called ToyzFair that ran from Friday the 19th of February to Monday the 22nd of February. Like the main Toy Fair process, the event showed off the upcoming Mezco products but didnt necessarily confirm the full details of each release - or the release schedule.

The Marvel One:12 Collective line was given the biggest roster increase over the course of the reveals with the previously teased Fantastic Four unveiled as well as new figures of Wolverine and Ghost Spider.

DC were represented with released for both Superman and Batman. Superman is a classic comic book look, while Batman is based on the Gotham by Gaslight series.

Horror movie fans can look forward to a new figure of The Crow as well as Michael Myers from Halloween 2. Japanese movie fans can look forward to a One:12 Collective Ultraman. And there was also new releases from the original Planet of the Apes movies, with Caesar and the Gorilla's from Conquest of the Planet of the Apes.

Mezco are also working with Hasbro on new licenced One:12 figures, which was a big surprise to the collectors community. They revealed figures for Power Rangers with the Green Ranger as well as Destro from GI Joe!

There was a single reveal in the 5Points line of limited articulation figures with figures from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures shown - including both Bill & Ted, but also Rufus.

Hasbro Investor Event 2021

The Hasbro Investor Event for 2021, which would usually follow Toy Fair, went ahead as a virtual event this year and among the various press releases was a couple of nuggets for Action Figure Collectors.

First was the news that Hasbro were expanding their arrangement with Epic Games and the Fortnite brand allowing Hasbro to move from just producing Nerf products, to a wider range of Fortnite items - including Action Figures. It has since been confirmed these would be in a 6 inch collectors scale and are not limited to the Hasbro properties in Fortnite. Where this leaves existing Fortnite figures from McFarlane and Jazwares is unclear at this time.

It was also confirmed that the UK would see the launch of Hasbro Pulse in 2021.


Star Wars Celebration Day

Around the the Investor Event was a celebration of Star Wars, the Fan Celebration, with a number of new Star Wars products unveiled by Hasbro.

First was the next member of the Bad Batch, with a reveal of a Black Series Deluxe Wrecker who will land in August 2021.


There was also a full product reveal for the Black Series First Order Stormtrooper Electronic helmet.


And in the Vintage Collection we were given the full details and images for the 3.75 inch Lando Calrissian from Empire and IG-11 from the Mandalorian.


Masterpiece Movie Series Transformers

Hasbro UK sent over details this week of their next Movie Series Masterpiece Transformer, Optimus Prime from the Bumbleebee movie. The figure includes diecast parts and comes with the Matrix of Leadership and Ion blaster. He can transform between truck and robot in 49 steps Optimus Prime will be an Summer 2021 release.


Hasbro Figure Stands

The other news from Hasbro this week was a listing on the Hasbro Pulse for a new set of three dynamic action figure stands. The stands are similar to that released with the 2020 Black Widow figure with a height adjustable arm and waist clip. A pack of three retails in the US at $14.99 and they are listed for an April release. No news on a UK release as such, but if Hasbro Pulse is coming to UK soon they may well hold back from the Fan Channel and sell directly.


NECA Reveals

NECA have been running teases and reveals last week most likely the products they would have shown off at Toy Fair 2021.

This weeks reveals came via a number of different channels, starting with the news via Lootcrate that a new set of four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles loot crates would be released this Autumn. Each box would contain an exclusive NECA figure with a bonus figure if you subscribed to all four boxes.

The first box will be based on the TMNT 1990 movie, and will include a brand new figure of Danny Pennington. The other three figures were not yet shown, only outlined, but NECA have confirmed that they will be Armaggon in Crate 2, Mutant Shredder in Crate 3 and Donatello the Dark Turtle in Crate 4. The bonus figure will be Scrag.


There was a further Turtle reveal courtesy of Walmart who listed a new Super Shredder figure. This new version of the Secret of the Ooze movie Super Shredder will be a repainted "Shadow Master" version, paying homage to the mail away Shredder from 1993 at Chef Boyardee.


The Predator 2 30th Anniversary Series of Ultimate Lost Tribe Predators has reached its 6th release with the Warrior Predator fully unveiled this week by NECA. He will feature two head options and a whole raft of weaponry.


We also got another Universal Monsters tease with the following image shared via Tweet along with the quote "Even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night....". This pretty much confirms that The Wolfman from the 1941 movie will be joining the Ultimate line along with Frankenstein's Monster, Dracula and The Mummy


The week ended with NECA tweeting about their Defenders of the Earth line and gave us a look at the Lothar figure, which will be heading to stores later this year with Mandrake to complete the line up along with the released figures of Flash Gordon, The Phantom and Ming the Merciless.


Mattel Jurassic Park

The two new Mattel Jurassic Park 6 inch Amber Collection Dinosaurs went up on Target in the US this week, which gave us a full look at both the Pteranodon and Tiger Raptor. The figures will be an April release in the US, but there are no details of a wider global release. There are still no details on the new Ian Malcolm or the Ray Arnold figures listed a few weeks back.


McFarlane Spawn

McFarlane had a quiet week by their standards, with the only news of note being the listing - via Target (US) - of the 'Scarlet Edge' Mandarin Spawn which will be coming in April 2021.


Jazwares Fortnite

While the future of the Fortnite 6 inch Legendary Series may be in question from Jazwares following this week's announcement by Hasbro, the new figures do keep on coming with the reveal via Amazon US this week of Aerial Threat. The football player skin comes with three face options, golden boot harvesting tool, football back-bling and three Fortnite weapons.


Medicom MAFEX

Two new MAFEX figures from Medicom went up for pre-order this week for a December 2021 release. First was Billy Butcher from The Boys. He features a soft goods coat, two head options, sniper rifle and a Laser Baby accessory.


Not to be outdone on bizarre accessories, the new Harley Quinn from the Birds of Prey movie will feature a Hyena in a pink collar. She also comes with two head options. her hammer and a pair of roller boots.


Iron Studios

Iron Studios are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the first Harry Potter movie, The Philosopher's Stone, with new 1/10 Art Scale Statues. There will be a trio of statues featuring Harry, Ron and Hermione from the movie which can be bought separately and combined into a larger piece if you purchase all three. They will be a 3rd Quarter release.


We will also be getting a 2nd figure of Ron, this time riding the enormous Black Knight piece from the Wizard Chess scenes. He will be a 4th Quarter release.


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