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SatTOYday Roundup : Issue 159

Happy #SatTOYday everyone!

This weeks reveals were very much headlined by Super7 who showed off some new product for Conan the Barbarian, but also teased an upcoming release of Papa Emeritus from Swedish band, Ghost! There was also some news from Mattel, via Big Bad Toy Store, for the next Jurassic Park Amber Collection Releases. We have promo images for the next batch of Fortnite 6 inch figures from Jazwares, as well as images for the next set of McFarlane Mortal Kombat releases.

Todd McFarlane himself was hosting another online video reveal, this time of a new Batman Beyond wave with build-a-figure. All was not quite what it seemed as the details given by Todd were for the US only - while International collectors have to wait much much longer.

I've had a quiet week on reviews, with just two to checkout - the R5-P8 Astromech from Star Wars Black Series Galaxy's Edge line, and the 5th Doctor and TARDIS set from B&M.

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Super7 Conan the Barbarian

Super7 have released details of a third wave of Conan the Barbarian movie figures in their 7 inch Ultimates format. Joining the line in Autumn 2021 are two new figures - Conan in War Paint as seen in the Temple of Set scenes, and Thulsa Doom in Snake Priest robes - complete with alternative Snake head. Pre-orders are open now and run until the 19th of February 2021.


Super7 Papa Emeritus!

Super7 were also teasing more Ultimates figures this week with this look at a Papa Emeritus figure, frontman of the Swedish Band Ghost. The image appears to show the first incarnation of Papa Emeritus, but all will be revealed next week (26th January 2021).


Jazwares Fortnite

A new batch of 6 inch Fortnite Legendary Series figures have been announced by Jazwares. In the basic line we have new figures of Agent Peely, Frozen Raven, 8-Ball and the inverted Skull Trooper. As usual, each figure is packed with harvesting tool, back bling and some assorted load-out weaponry from the game.


There will then be a new line of larger "oversize" figures. These are the larger bodied skins from the game who will come in around 7 inch in height. This line will launch with Meowscles and The Scientist. Like the standard figures, these larger figures will also come with back bling, harvesting tool and weaponry. They also both comes with alternative faces pieces.


Jurassic Park Amber Collection

Mattel's Jurassic Park Amber Collection of 6 inch scaled figures is getting some new additions in 2021. A new image was circulated last week of a new Pteranodon in the Amber Collection scale, with the figure due to land in March 2021.


This new release looks to be part of a wider wave for early 2021 with three other figures listed at Big Bad Toy Store for March 2021 release. While there are no images, from the description and promotional text we know that there will be a Tiger Raptor from Jurassic Park 3, a new version of Ian Malcolm from the original movie and a new figure in the shape of Ray Arnold


NECA Gremlins

2021 is the year we see the current Gremlins offer from NECA move into sequel territory with figures from Gremlins 2 : The New Batch. The first of these is Greta who is due for release in February 2021. This week, NECA showed off the packaging design for the figure ahead of its arrival into stores.


NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

There was also a packaging reveal in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line with NECA showing off the box design and art for the animated series 2-pack of The Rat King and Vernon.



NECA also had some new images this week for their 8 inch scale Quint figure from Jaws. While the corresponding Chief Brody has sadly been cancelled, Quint should arrive this March.


McFarlane Mortal Kombat

The next four Mortal Kombat figures had already been revealed over the last month or so, but this week we got the full promo images for Shao Kahn, Liu Kang, Kabal and Noob Saibot. The figures should be incoming into stores in the very near future


McFarlane DC Multiverse

Todd McFarlane held another of his Facebook video presentations this week, revealing a new Batman Beyond comic book BAF wave. The four figures in the wave are Batman Beyond, Shriek, Batwoman Beyond and Blight.

In the US the line is a Target exclusive and will be a staggered release. The figures will be released every 2-months, starting in April 2021, with the full wave out by October. With all four figures in hand, you will then be able to build your BAF, the Joker Bot. For international collectors, we have to wait until the end of the year to then receive the full wave at the same time.


As the week progressed we got a better look at the Joker Bot with promotional images shared by McFarlane showing off both the Joker and Batman sides of the head.


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