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SatTOYday Roundup : Issue 158

Happy #SatTOYday everyone!

And Happy New Year to everyone! It seems such a long time since Issue 157, but there has been very little news to bring you since Xmas that I held on until this week when things certainly started to get back to normal and the action figure news began to flow freely again.

In this week's issue you can checkout some new reveals from McFarlane, particularly in their exclusive Gold Label line. Marvel Mondays are back for 2021 with a new figure revealed and open for pre-order. There were new figures unveiled by Mezco, Beast Kingdom and Playmates while NECA and Incendium gave us a better look at some of their incoming new product. Medicom were teasing again with another figure from The Boys, and fans of Centurions should check out the news from Ramen Toy.

In reviews I am still working through a lot of new figures picked up for and over Christmas. In the last couple of weeks I have taken a look at the Character Options 13th Doctor Set from Doctor Who, the Flasher Gremlin from NECA and the Gaming Great Commander Pyre from Star Wars Black Series.

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We had known about the McFarlane Spawn line splitting off from his temporary home in Mortal Kombat into his own line in 2021, the first figures in this line were Mandarin Spawn - with a Gold Label version in blue sold via Walmart, and a red version sold generally. Thanks to Previews World, we now have a full look at the Red - Scarlet Edge - general release.


And talking of McFarlane Gold Label - the Walmart exclusive line - Todd and the team have now revealed the next three figures for the Gold Label Series in a 2nd wave due into stores in Spring/Summer. The set will feature a gold effect Earth-52 Batman from the DC Multiverse, a new Spawn variant from The Curse of Apocalypse, and a Blood Angels Space Marine Primaris Lieutenant from Warhammer 40k


McFarlane also have a long awaited Fortnite release up for pre-order this week. It was nearly a year ago that Plastic Patroller was shown as upcoming, and he is now finally up for pre-order for a February 2021 release.



The NECA social channels are back up and running after Xmas. And on the first Turtle Tuesday of 2021 we have a full gallery of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series Rat King and Victor. Both figures feature alternative hands and accessories, with Victor featuring a swap out head and arms for his Were-Rat conversion.


There was also Predator news on Prednesday, with the packaging reveal for the Ultimate Guardian Predator from the Lost Tribe in Predator 2.


And we ended the week with the #Facehuggerfriday reveal of the packaging for NECA's Kenner inspired Rhino Alien - due into stores in February.


Playmates Turtles

Playmates are bringing two new sets to Previews (Diamond Comics) as exclusives for 2021. Each set will include 6 figures all based on the original 1980's Turtle action figures with appropaite 80's era decor and roto-cast heads.

Set 1 will feature all four Turtles, Splinter and Shredder - and be packaged in a Sewer Lair inspired Box. Set 2 will include a bad guys selection of Bebop, Rocksteady, Baxter Stockman, Krang, Slash and a Foot Soldier. This 2nd set is packed up in a box inspired by the Mutant Module vehicle.


Marvel Monday

The first Marvel Monday reveal of the year from Hasbro was a new version of She-Hulk in her more classic green skin tone. The figure will feature two head options and alternative hands. It will be a summer 2021 release with an August 1st release date.


Mezco Supreme Knight Batman

Mezco put up a new version of their One:12 Supreme Batman this week as an exclusive item. The Darkest Dawn edition featured updated armour and a smoke plume FX piece as well as a number of head, hands and weaponry options as featured in the other Supreme Batman releases. The figure sold out almost instantly and should ship to those lucky enough to snag one before the end of January 2021.


Medicom MAFEX, The Boys!

Medicom have already revealed a Homelander figure from The Boys in their MAFEX line, and this week they have teased a Billy Butcher figure incoming to join him. We await full details of both figure, including a full reveal for The Butcher.


Super 7

There was another teased image this week, with Super 7 sharing this image from their Conan the Barbarian franchise. It seems we wont have to wait too long for this one - expected to be a Thulsa Doom figure - as they will reveal all next week.


Incendium Highlander

The Incendium team shared the first images of their Highlander FigBiz action figures this week. Connor MacLeod and Kurgan had been revealed last year and shown as digital mock ups, we now get a clearer look at these two characters. The figures will feature 12 points of articulation, accessories and a display stand and will come on a retro card inspired by what they call "the golden era of Saturday Morning cartoons. MacLeod and Kurgan will be 2nd quarter releases for 2021 - April to June.


Beast Kingdom Wonder Woman 1984

We have another Wonder Woman 1984 Golden Armour figure incoming, this time from Beast Kingdom in their 1:9 scale Dynamic Action Heroes line. The figure features alternative heads and face options as well as realistic implanted hair over a sculpted head. The figure is up for pre-order now with a September 2021 release date.



Fans of the Centurions Action Figure line from the 1980's can look forward to a new "unofficial" line from Raman Toy called 80's Commanders which captures the spirit of the original Centurion toys with 7.5 inch figures of the Naval Commander, Airforce Commander and Armour Commander - each coming with a number of component clip on parts and weaponry.

Raman Toy have promised prototype images in May 2021 with the figures due for release at the back end of 2021.


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