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SatTOYday Roundup : Issue 155

Happy #SatTOYday everyone!

Who said it quietens down for Christmas? Hasbro had a busy week following on from their Fan Friday event last week with a Marvel Monday reveal and the unveiling of a full new Power Rangers wave. McFarlane continue their almost continuous flow of news with the promo images and details for their next DC Multiverse wave and confirmation of a new Batman from Batman Beyond to look forward to next year.

Mezco released full info and preorders for their One:12 Predator, and there was more Predator news from NECA alongside new details for Back to the Future and a new Alien 40th Anniversary wave.

In reviews, I continued my #ActionFigureAdvent and this included the review of the brand new Star Wars Black Series Din Djarin and The Child figure exclusive to Smyths here in the UK.

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Marvel Legends

It was the first Monday of a new month and that meant it was Marvel Monday. There were no new figures revealed as such, but we did get the full press release for the Firestar figure. Firestar will be a Spring 2021 release and will come with two heads, flame FX and Ms. Lion the dog. The packaging is particularly bright and vibrant, with a cardback recreating the backdrop of her apartment from Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends


Also unveiled fully on Marvel Monday were the Spider-Man Retro Carded figures of Cyborg Spider-Man and the previously unseen Negative Zone Spider-Man. The figures are Exclusive to Target in the US while here in the UK they are sold via the Fan Channel with stock already arriving for December dispatch in time for Xmas.


Power Rangers

Hasbro also had new Power Rangers to reveal this week with the entirety of Wave 8 unveiled ahead of an April 2021 release. The four figure wave will include the Dino Thunder Blue Ranger, S.P.D. Pink Ranger, Zeo Green Ranger and the Lost Galaxy Red Ranger. Each figure features a second unmasked head, series appropriate weaponry, spare hands and blast effect pieces.


McFarlane DC Multiverse

The next McFarlane wave of The Drowned, Death Metal Batman, Red Son Superman and Teen Titans Robin went up for pre-order this week with a February 2021 release date. Along with the preorder was the full set of promotional images and details of the contents for each set.


McFarlane also confirmed that a Terry McGinnis Future Batman from Batman Beyond is incoming in 2021. This new Batman from the animated series looks to feature booster effects for the boots. Full details and pre-orders should be available soon.


Mezco Predator

The Mezco One:12 Collective 6 inch scale Predator is finally on the release schedule for Summer 2021 and the full details of the figure have been released. The Deluxe Edition (not clear if this indicates a basic version coming as well) will have light up features on the helmet and shoulder cannon. The figures facemask is removable and the Predator head underneath can be adjusted with two mouth pieces. As well as the Shoulder Cannon the figure is armed with Wrist Blades. It also comes with a severed skull and spine.


NECA Predator

NECA also had a Predator reveal this week, with the packaging reveal for their Ultimate Stalker Lost Tribe Predator from Predator 2


NECA Back to the Future

NECA also revealed the packaging for their Ultimate 1955 Doc Brown from Back to the Future. This 4th release in the BTTF line is due for a very late December arrival and should be widespread in stores in January.


NECA Alien

NECA announced a 4th wave in their Alien 40th Anniversary Series with re-releases of Lambert and Ripley in their Compression Suits with updated photo real decor for the heads. The third figure will be another Big Chap, this time with an updated paint job based on original Giger concept artwork - with a facehugger thrown in. Series 4 is down for an April 2021 release.


Golden Axe

Storm Collectibles are returning to the classic video game Golden Axe with a new figure of Death Adder apparently incoming. So far, we only have this image to go off - but it is likely more info and preorders will follow soon.


Medicom MAFEX

Medicom held their Toy Exhibition as a virtual event in December, giving members a look at upcoming figures planned for 2021 releases. Among the showcase were two new Marvel figures from Avengers Endgame - a Doctor Strange and a Thor, complete with Stormbreaker. There are no other details at this stage - but based on usual timing these will be mid 2021 releases at the earliest.


Also revealed at the event was the MAFEX Homelander figure from The Boys. Homelander had been teased a few weeks earlier, but we now got a full 360 degree look at him in the MAFEX line. Again, there are limited details.


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