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SatTOYday Roundup : Issue 149

Happy #SatTOYday everyone!

Hasbro were conspicuous with their absence this week, with just a couple of new figures "officially" revealed in the Star Wars line as they went up for presale first at Target in the US and then here via the Fan Channel and independent specialists. McFarlane also slowed their news a little, but still managed to unveil four new DC figures, a new Spawn and a selection of differently scaled figures from My Hero Academia.

There was big news in the Star Wars arena with Diamond Select now making 7 inch Select Star Wars figures for a Disney Store Exclusive Collectors line. Over in the Far East, Tamashii Nations released info for their next two Avengers figures while Medicom have both Marvel and DC figures planned in their MAFEX line. Kaiyodo also unveiled their new Joker.

In reviews I have a good spread this week with new reviews for McFarlane's Warhammer 40k, Characters Doctor Who line and Marvel Legends.

We will be taking a break next week for some quality family time for half term, so our 150th issue will land on the 7th of November. News will continue via our blog and social channels.

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Star Wars Black Series

The next two Galaxy's Edge releases in the Star Wars Black Series had been leaked several weeks ago, but they were officially confirmed this week as they went up live on the Target US website. The figures of COmmander Pyre and R5-P8 will start landing in stores in the US on the 25th of October and we'd expect UK pre-orders to open at a similar time.


Disney Store Star Wars Collectors Edition

Hasbro have got some new competition for Star Wars collectors figures as Disney Store are now selling a new Collectors Edition line of 7 inch scale figures made for them by Diamond Select. The line looks to fulfill a similar role to the Marvel Select Exclusive releases at Disney Stores and parks and also as a more collector focused line to sit above the current Toybox figures.

The line launches with Boba Fett and Darth Maul. And these are now landing in stores globally - including here in the UK with sightings in the central London store already this week.

McFarlane DC Multiverse

There is no slowing Todd McFarlane and the team at the moment with figure after figure being unveiled and revealed. This week started with a first look at the Bane BAF from the Last Knight on Earth Wave


And this was followed by confirmation that the announced Flashpoint Batman will have an unmasked variant


The DC reveals didn't stop there, with the next two moving away from the Batman focus and over to the Injustice video game with two new figures - The Flash and Gorilla Grodd - coming in 2021.


McFarlane Spawn

Todd McFarlane had a number of new videos on social media this week, including one where he revealed a brand new Spawn 12 inch figure of Commando Spawn. This 1/6 scale figure will be released under the Mortal Kombat licence and will be the first 12 inch figure in the line.


McFarlane My Hero Academia

Todd McFarlane was also pushing the new My Hero Academia licence this week with a behind the scenes video of the figures in development followed by a reveal of three new figures in the guise of Eijiro Kirishima in his season 3 Hero Costume, All For One and Izuku Midoriya in his Season 2 Hero Outfit. The trio of figures are planned as early 2021 releases.


The My Hero Academia licence will also be expanded to two new scales in Spring 2021 by McFarlane. There will be a 5 inch line, launching with three figures of Bakugo, All Might and Midoriya. We will then see a 12 inch line, with a Shoto Todoroki figure featuring both lights and sounds.


SH Figuarts Marvel

Tamashii Nations announced their next Marvel SH Figuarts figure this week as Gamora, as seen in Avengers Infinity War. Gamora will come with two versions of her sword (one retracted, one extended) as well as the blade gifted to her by Thanos, and the bubble gun - with bubble effects - that Star Lord fires when they face down Thanos on Knowhere. Gamora is a March 2021 release and she will be an exclusive to the Bandai Webstore in Japan.


There was also an unveiling of an SH Figuarts Avengers Nick Fury figure from Tamashii Nations. Nick will also be a March 2021 release. The full details of the figure are yet to be confirmed, but he looks to include two head options and a selection of hands - as well as his handgun.


Medicom MAFEX

We have two new MAFEX figures incoming from Medicom. First is No. 143 in the MAFEX line, a Ben Reilly Spider-Man from the Clone Saga storyline. Ben will feature three heads, a mask accessory and a selection of web pieces. He will be an October 2021 release.


No. 144 in the line is from DC, and is Azrael Batman from the Knightfall saga. The figure will feature two head options, grappling gun and hook and a wired fabric cape. He too will be an October 2021 release.


Revoltech Joker

Kaiyodo are releasing a Yamaguchi Revoltech Joker in March 2021, complete with swap out laughing head, chattering teeth, cane, alternative hands and a set of FX pieces - including clear speech bubbles of laughter to position with the figure on the included figure stand.


NECA Back to the Future

NECA released a full new gallery of promotional images this week for their upcoming Back to the Future Doc Brown figure. The shots look great, and also include a possible tease to a future release with a Marty McFly figure shown without his bodywarmer.


NECA Turtles in Time

NECA revealed more Turtles in Time video game figures this week. First, we have an Ultimate Boxed release of Baxter Stockman. He comes with two ray guns and an articulated energy "hand". He will also feature articulated wings and jaw. Baxter Stockman is a May 2021 release.


Also arriving in May 2021 is further Turtles in Time 2-pack. The Pirate Bebop and Rocksteady had been revealed a week or so ago by NECA at Toycon New Jersey. We now have the first promotional image for the duo. Bebop is packed with a whip while Rocksteady is armed with a sword.


Storm Collectibles

Storm Collectibles 6 inch line of beat 'em up video game licences will expand to include Darkstalkers from Capcom and the first figure, Demitiri Maximoff, was unveiled fully this week with pre-orders opening ready for his 2021 quarter 1 release. Maximoff will feature three heads, three pairs of hands and FX piece of his fireball and bat attacks.


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