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SatTOYday Roundup : Issue 145 Hasbro Pulse Con Special

Happy #SatTOYday everyone!

And thanks for waiting for us. I wanted to make sure Issue 145 contained full coverage of Hasbro Pulse Con rather than splitting the news across two issues.

Hasbro Pulse Con was a two day live video stream over YouTube and each of the main brands had a slice of coverage in which they discussed their products and revealed new ones. OUr coverage as always focuses on 6 inch action figures and our Hasbro Pulse Con special edition will take you through all the reveals from Star Wars to Power Rangers, Marvel to GI Joe... and even a new line that has us very excited.

After the Hasbro Pulse Con news we have a roundup of the other Action Figure news from this week including reveals by NECA, Mezco, McFarlane (yes more!) and The Loyal Subjects. Our reviews this week are very much Star Wars focused with the first half of reviews from the new Star Wars Black Series Rebels wave - Zeb to Kanan.

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Star Wars Black Series

The Star Wars panel was held on Day 1 of Pulse Con 2020 and the Hasbro team took us through a series of reveals that were done in the chronological order of the movies to start with.

From the prequels, and from Phantom Menace in particular, is the long awaited arrival of Jar Jar Binks. He will be a Deluxe release in Spring 2021 and is packed with his Gungan boomer, spear and shield


We will also get a new Attack of the Clones Phase 1 Clone Trooper. This will be part of The Galaxy Collection Wave 2 and will use the new Clone body as seen on the Kamino Clone Trooper


The Original Trilogy had only one reveal, with others that we had known were coming (Endor Heroes) potentially held back until after the Exclusive versions have sold through. The revealed figure was a Return of the Jedi release and a brand new version of Boba Fett. The Fett figure has been redone in terms of sculpt and decor and will be sold as a Deluxe allowing for additional accessories like the flame FX piece and grappling wire.


The Sequels saw the reveal of the Dark Side Vision Rey from Rise of Skywalker. She will be part of a 3rd wave of The Galaxy Collection towards the end of 2020. The figure will feature the folding saber seen in the movie.


We got the feeling that a lot of Mandalorian items were being held back for the Mando Monday programme from Disney & Lucasfilm (see more a bit further down), but we did get confirmation of the Incinerator Trooper who will also be part of the Galaxy Collection Wave 2.


The Armorer was also confirmed, but surprisingly it was an exclusive version revealed. The exclusive was developed for Star Wars Celebration 2020 and it features the same box style as Cad Bane and some additional accessories that will remain exclusive to this set only - these include her hammer and a Mandalorian helmet with spark effects. She will be sold via Hasbro Pulse as an exclusive in the US. She is popping up for UK and global pre-orders now and is selling out almost instantly, so don't hesitate if you want this one in your collection


The Archive Series will continue in 2021 and the 3rd wave was revealed by Hasbro. We knew Clone Commander Cody would be included following his Fan Vote win - and as probably is to be expected it is the exact same figure as the first release - no unhelmeted head or Order 66 hologram. We are also getting updated versions of Hoth Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. These were first sold in the Hoth Creature packs, and these new single versions will include updated face print decor and Han's coat will now be brown as per the original prop. The final figure is a surprise as Grand Admiral Thrawn.


The Final group op reveals are a novelty group of Troopers given a Festive makeover. The Holiday Edition Troopers will be re-coloured in festive greens and reds - with some of the troopers having a Christmas Novelty Jumper design on their chest section. The figures will feature a mini buddy with new festive decor for the likes of D-0, Babu Frik and the Porgs. There will be 5 in total, spread across a number of US retailers. Here in the UK most will be on general release via the Fan Channel - although the Stormtrooper will remain with Amazon and the Sith Trooper is now confirmed as a Forbidden Planet Exclusive


Star Wars Vintage Collection

The Star Wars Vintage reveals included a new Walmart Exclusive Incinerator Trooper from The Mandalorian. This will be released via the Fan Channel outside of the US and will be an Autumn 2020 release. Into 2021 there are more figures on the way with a Battle Droid, Queen Amidala, Peasant Disguise Anakin Skywalker, Captain Rex and an Imperial Tie Fighter Pilot.


Marvel Legends

The Marvel Legends Panel showed off the full details of the recently confirmed Fan Vote winner of Silk. She will be a standalone release with two heads, three sets of hands and a web effect piece.


We also got confirmation of the Army Builder release of the Hellfire Club Goon. The figure had already turned up in the UK at Forbidden Planet and in the US it will be a Hasbro Pulse Exclusive.


A full Avengers wave was revealed and will be mixed between the Gamerverse, and particularly the PS4 Avengers game, and comic book. We will have comic book figures of Falcon, Jocasta, Kang and Thunderstrike. They will be joined by Gamerverse versions of Atmosphere Iron_Man and Stealth Captain America - both with unmasked heads using face print tech and likenesses taken from the game. The BAF Is also a Gamerverse release, a Joe Fixit Hulk.


While no official promo images have been released by Hasbro, the panel also talked about upcoming figures for 2021.

These included Spider-Man figures including Into the Spider-Verse Miles Morales and Ghost-Spider with Spider-Ham. More figures are yet to be revealed, but the BAF is confirmed as Stilt Man - answering the riddle posed recently for the tallest Marvel Legends figure to date. The wave will also include an Army Build release of a Red Hand Ninja. He is packed with Stilt extensions for Stilt Man, so the more Ninja's you buy the taller you can make Stilt Man.

And we also have a bad guy wave incoming to include Arcade and Dormammu. There will be a new Deluxe Thanos.

Over with the X-Men we have a House of X wave to include Moira MacTaggert, Professor X and a white suited Magneto. There will also be a retro carded release of Rogue and for Gambit.

To continue their line of exclusives, Walgreens will be getting a Dark Silver Surfer.The final reveal was a new Firestar figure.


GI Joe Classified & Retro

The GI Joe panel revealed four new GI Joe 6 inch classified figures. In the main line we have Zartan and the Cobra Infantry Trooper. And in the exclusive Cobra Island sub-line we have new additions of Firefly and a Cobra Viper.

There were also 3.75 inch Retro reveals with new figures of Destro, Scarlet and Roadblock heading to Walmart in the US and the Fan Channel worldwide. There will be joined with a FANG chopper and pilot.



The Hasbro Ghostbusters segment had just two reveals, the first being a new role play item in the classic Real Ghostbusters line. The second item, on the face of it, was spectacular with the reveal of a Plasma Series ECTO-1.

The excitement was short lived as the vehicle, while badged as Plasma Series, looked far too small for the 6 inch figures. While scale has not been fully confirmed, the ECTO-1 is believed to be 3.75 inch scale. It is based of the upcoming Ghostbusters Afterlife movie and features appropriate decor for the ECTO-1 used on screen. It is reported a line of 3.75 inch figures will be launched to support the movie and this ECTO-1 vehicle is the first of that line.


Power Rangers

The Power Rangers panel essentially wrapped up the Pulse Con event and revealed a number of new items. We have confirmation that Wave 7 of the Lightning Collection will see figures of the Dino Thunder Red Ranger, the original Mighty Morphin Green Ranger, and fro the same series we will get an Z Putty army builder. The 4th figure in the line will be a repack of the original Wave 1 White Ranger.

Also in the Lightning Collection is an exclusive Metallic Suit Pink Ranger, she will be a Hasbro Pulse exclusive and hopefully sold via the Fan Channel elsewhere. And while not in the Power Rangers line, the new 12 inch tall Megazord looks pretty impressive.

The panel also alluded to some future item including some "versus" two packs and a line of monsters who will be an inch or so taller than the power rangers. Concept design was shown for Pumpkin Rapper and King Sphinx.


Ahead of Pulse Con even commencing, Disney and Lucasfilm announced Mando Mondays, a sequence of product reveals to celebrate the arrival of The Mandalorian Season 2. The Mando Monday events start on the 26th of October, the same week as the launch of Season 2. They will then run for 9 weeks, ending on the 21st of December around what we assume will be the Finale of the Season.

Each Mando Monday will see product releases and digital content. The announcement of Mando Mondays came with a handful of product reveals too for pre-order including Funko, Hot Toys and Lego.

Our focus was of course on Hasbro who didn't disappoint with two big reveals for the Mandalorian. The first was in the 3.75 inch Vintage collection with a series of carded Carbonized figures including The Mandalorian, Cara Dune, Remnant Stormtrooper and Death Trooper.


The other reveal was in the 6 inch Star Wars Black Series with a new sub-line called the Credit Collection. These are re-releases of some popular Mandalorian Black Series figures, but on vintage style card backs and with a new paint job to match those glorious illustrations we see during the credits of each episode.

There are five figures in total, each also coming with an Imperial Credit Chip in a nod to the old POTF coin figures. The Mandalorian and Imperial Death Trooper are worldwide Amazon Exclusives. Cara Dune is exclusive to Target in the US, the Heavy Mandalorian to BestBuy and IG-11 to Gamestop. Outside the US, these last three are going to be sold via the Fan Channel at specialist stores and are up for pre-order now with a release date aligned to the first Mando Monday in October.


Marvel Legends Retro 3.75"

Another release reveal outside of the Hasbro Pulse Con streams was a reveal of a new line of 5POA Retro 3.75" Marvel figures. These are being packed on a retro style card, with two carded figures per set - contained within an outer box with similar retro artwork. The sets are badged under the Marvel Legends banner, although the Marvel Legends logo has been given the retro treatment with a very Toybiz style applied. The figures will be an Autumn 2020 release.


Marvel Unlimited

There was also a new Marvel Legends reveal courtesy of Marvel Unlimited. Each year the Unlimited Annual Subscriber package includes a variant Marvel Legends figure - and this year it is a Ms. Marvel figure in a Spider-Man styled costume.


Doctor Who

The Doctor Who range in B&M stores has been an annual event in recent years, but this week it was confirmed there is a second batch of figure sets going into B&M in 2020. The October releases will include three new figure 3-packs. There is another classic companion set with more figures of Sarah Jane Smith, Romana I and Romana II. We will also get a full pack of the 13th Doctor companions with new variant figures of Yaz, Ryan and Graham. The long awaited 4th Doctor, in Tartan Scarf and Tam O'Shanter, will be part of a Terror of the Zygons set alongside Sergeant Benton and a generic UNIT Soldier - now with more era appropriate sub machine guns.

There is also a new TARDIS set with the 5th Doctor and the TARDIS from The Visitation. And two more Dalek sets, which will follow the timeline of Doctor Who and move on to The Chase and then to Dalek Master Plan with new 2-packs for each under the History of the Daleks banner.


NECA Halloween II

NECA have their timing just right for their 8 inch pack of Laurie Strode and Doctor Loomis from Halloween 2. The pair will be released in October and will be in collectors hands for Halloween 2020. The packaging was unveiled this week ahead of the figures beginning to ship to retailers.


NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This weeks Turtle Tuesday reveal was the new Cartoon based Triceraton Infantryman who will be part of Series 4 of the Cartoon packs. He will come with two Roadkill Rodney figures as well as a bunch of weapons and Roadkill Rodney parts. There is no release details as such yet, but we know these will be Target Exclusives in the US and the packaging reveal indicates we should see them in stores within the next couple of months if the usual NECA timeline is in play.


NECA Back to the Future

The next NECA Back to the Future release is the Ultimate Biff Tannen in October, and we had the packaging unveiled this week for the figure. It uses the Ultimate box format with opening front flap and the design uses artwork from Biff's Grays Sports Almanac as seen in the film.


McFarlane DC Multiverse

Despite the avalanche of reveals last week (see issue 144) McFarlane still had more to give this week. In the Toddy Toy Tuesday social media slot, Todd McFarlane showed off another 4 figure DC Multiverse wave coming in early 2021. The full glamour shots were soon shared also for figure of The Drowned, Red Son Superman, Damian Wayne Robin and Death Knight Batman.


Mezco One:12 Batman

To celebrate Batman Day 2020, Mezco revealed an Exclusive One:12 Collective Batman, The Supreme Knight (Shadow Edition). This special release is part of their Batman Series of figures and includes multiple head options, swap out magnetic chest emblems, magnetic capes - one with poseable wire - and a load of weapons and accessories.

The set is exclusive to Mezco store and sold out within the first few hours. There is a wait list you can join if you want to try and get your hands on the Supreme Knight.


BST AXN Lord of the Rings

One of the newest lines to the action figure market is the BST AXN line of 5 inch figures from The Loyal Subjects. The line follows a similar path to Funko with multiple licences from popular culture rather than focusing on one franchise or genre. This week we got a look at their Gandalf the Grey figure from Lord of the Rings : The Fellowship of the Ring. Gandalf comes with his staff and Glamdring and will be in Walmart stores as an exclusive in the US shortly. The figures are expected to arrive in the UK with wholesale listings in place.


SH Figuarts, The Mandalorian

The images are not the best having been taken from a magazine scan, but they do show a new Star Wars SH Figuarts release incoming for February 2021 in the shape of the Heavy Infantry Mandalorian.


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