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SatTOYday Roundup : Issue 144

Happy #SatTOYday everyone!

McFarlane were front and centre for most of the week as they announced and revealed their new Dune figures from the upcoming movie as well as more stuff for The Witcher, Mortal Kombat and DC Multiverse. Hasbro on the other hand were quiet - with Hasbro Pulse Con now a week away. There were some new promo shots and details this week from NECA for Turtles and Aliens. And Super7 revealed their next wave of Thundercats.

I have just one review to bring you this week, but it is a doozy as I unpack the very sought after Star Wars Black Series Cad Bane and TODO 360 Exclusive. Stay tuned next week for what I expect is a raft of new Star Wars Reviews (I've just had a big delivery).

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McFarlane Dune

It was announced earlier in the year that McFarlane would be one of the licensors for the new Dune movie, and this week the first figures were revealed. They will be in the standard 7 inch line for McFarlane and will launch with four figures in a wave with a build-a-figure included.

The first four are all very similar in terms of their outfits - wearing the Arrakis Stillsuits. The line up is Stilgar, Paul Atreides, Lady Jessica and Duncan Idaho. The build-a-figure will be Dave Bautista's character Glossu Rabban Harkonnen. This first batch is scheduled for an Autumn 2020 release.


It was also confirmed that there will be 12 inch figure too in the Dune line. The 12 inch scale Baron Harkonnen, as played by Stellan Skarsgard, will be an Autumn 2020 release also.


McFarlane The Witcher

Up to this week we had only seen two figures for McFarlane's The Witcher line - a 12 inch version of Geralt due this year, and an exclusive 7 inch Geralt in the Gold Label line. We now can add two more 7 inch figures to that list. The first is another Geralt, and this uses the same sculpt as the Gold Label release with updated paint job. The second figure is Eredin Breacc Glas, King of the Wild Hunt. Both figures will be March 2021 releases.


McFarlane Mortal Kombat

McFarlane also revealed a batch of new Mortal Kombat Variant figures this week. The existing figures of Baraka, Raiden and Spawn would feature new decor to represent one of their "Bloody" skins from the game and re-released in Autumn. The release would be limited, but is not listed as exclusive at this stage to any particular retailer.


We will also be getting variants of Sub-Zero and Scorpion in alternative "skins" from the game. Scorpion will be released in his Shadow Skin, while Sub-Zero will come in his Winter Purple Skin. Both figures are January 2021 releases.


McFarlane DC Multiverse

In a busy week for McFarlane, we were also given sight of a new Batman DC Multiverse Variant heading to Target stores as an Exclusive in March 2021. The White Knight Batman has been repainted with a red suit as inspired by some of the artwork on the White Knight comic.


And a new wave was announced, based on the Batman : The Last Knight on Earth series. The wave will feature Last Knight on Earth Batman - and he will come with his lantern. Also included are Wonder Woman, Omega Batman and The Scarecrow. The wave will also have a build-a-figure, which was confirmed as Bane by Todd McFarlane in a behind the scenes video - but no images were shared. The Bane and Scarecrow are designed to combine by hooking the Scarecrow over Bane's shoulders as seen in the comic book. Pre Orders for this wave go up in November with a February 2021 release.


Marvel Select

A new Marvel Select figure of the Silver Centurion Iron-Man went up for pre-order this week. The 7 inch scale figure will feature both a masked head and a Tony Stark unmasked version. There are also some repulsor and blast FX pieces included. The Silver Centurion is down as a February 2020 release.


Marvel Legends Fans Vote

The 2020 Marvel Legends Fans Vote asked collectors to vote between three characters to choose one for release later in the year. The choices to vote for Silk, Lady Sif and Elektra. The winner was finally confirmed this week as Silk, picking up 57% of the vote. She will be packed and released in Autumn 2020. We may learn more, including how she will be released, at Hasbro Pulse Con in a weeks time.


Star Wars, Heroes of Endor

Ahead of Pulse Con, Hasbro also shared some new images of their Exclusive Star Wars Black Series Heroes of Endor set. These new images showed how the three segmented box works and comes together in the outer sleeve.


Hasbro Exclusives Availability

The Heroes of Endor Set, alongside all the Exclusives for Hasbro will go on sale via Hasbro Pulse on the 23rd of September for Hasbro Pulse Members - and then on a General Sale via Hasbro Pulse on the 24th of September for non-members. This is all for US and Canadian collectors only. While not confirmed, it is suspected Worldwide orders will go live at a similar time through the selected retailers who have access to the stock.

Hasbro Pulse Con

Hasbro also released the first details of the Hasbro Pulse Con Itinerary this week. We have panels split over the two days - Friday 25th and Saturday 26th - with Star Wars and Marvel up on Day 1, followed by GI Joe, Transformers, Power Rangers and Ghostbusters on Day 2.

There are also various other events including music from Tenacious D and Fall Out Boy, and Q+A panels with guests like John Cena.


Star Action Figures

The Star Action Figures team revealed this week, via long standing Star Wars YouTube reviewer SithLord229, that the Black Series Clone Lieutenant would be a Star Action Figures Exclusive here in the UK. In the US it will be sold via Walgreens and here in the UK the SAF website will be the only place you can get the figure.


NECA Creepshow

NECA showed off the packaging design and some new promo images this week for their Creepshow figure coming in October 2020.


NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

NECA also revealed the packaging for their next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cartoon 2-Pack of Traag and Granitor, as well as a large gallery of promo images of the two Dimension X Rock Soldiers. They are due to hit Target stores in the US in October and globally via Specialist stores soon after.


NECA Aliens

The next NECA Alien release will be a variant of their existing Kenner inspired Rhino Alien. This version 2 release will feature a new gunmetal paint job - mirroring what Kenner did with their own Rhino Alien in the 1990s. This Ultimate release will arrive in window box packaging and is scheduled for January 2021


NECA Back to the Future

Ahead of its October 2020 release, NECA shared some new promotional images this week for their Back to the Future Ultimate Marty McFly figure.


Storm Collectibles

Storm Collectibles announced two new Exclusives this week. The first is a variant of their Kazuya Mishima figure from Tekken 7. He will feature a bloody/dirty paint application and is called the "Final Battle" version.


We are then getting a revision to the Storm Sub-Zero figure from Mortal Kombat. This Exclusive will come with translucent ice effect arms. Both figures can be pre-ordered now and have an October release date.


Super7 Thundercats

Super7 revealed their 4th wave of Thundercat Ultimates figures this week. The four figure wave was made up of Lynx-O, The Snowman of Hook Mountain, Pumm-Ra and Monkian. Each figure features appropriate accessories, swap out head and hand options and will be packed in a window box with outer sleeve.

The pre-order window for Wave 4 runs until the 16th of October 2020 with the figures themselves shipping in Summer 2021.



Medicom will be releasing a MAFEX figure of The Joker from Batman Hush. Details on this are limited at the moment, but the information shown online indicates two head sculpts as well as a knife and pistol accessory - complete with gag "Bang". The figure will be an August 2021 release.


The Medicom team will also be adding this wonderful Psylocke to the MAFEX line in August 2021. She is based off the X-Men comic series and features two head options and a wealth of accessories including katana's and psychic FX pieces.


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