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SatTOYday Roundup : Issue 141

Happy #SatTOYday everyone!

And it's a Bank Holiday edition this week, with a couple of days delay needed to get the issue up to speed after I took a short break with the family. This week was very much dominated with exclusives with a new Star Wars Black Series Cad Bane revealed, put up for order, and out of stock within 30 mins. And McFarlane were at it too, showing off a number of new exclusive and limited sub-lines for both DC and The Witcher. Elsewhere NECA continued to show off upcoming product from Terminator and Back to the Future. While Character Toys unveiled a new Dalek set for their Doctor Who line. There were also plenty of Japanese goodies to get excited about with reveals from MAFEX, SH Figuarts and The Good Smile Company.

While I was away I scheduled a bunch of reviews across the week. You can catch up with them at the end of this week's newsletter.

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Star Wars Black Series Cad Bane

Cad Bane, the Bounty Hunter from The Clone Wars, had been long rumoured in the Black Series and this week he was announced by Hasbro in a special exclusive box set that had been planned as an European Exclusive - and possibly for Star Wars Celebration too. The set features Bane, and also his droid TODO 360 in special packaging.

The frustration for fans was it was not only announced, but went immediately up for pre-order at 3pm on a weekday. It was only carried by a handful of sites and sold out at most in the first 20 mins. While Bane himself is getting a standard release in a later wave, TODO 360 is exclusive to this set - hence the disappointment from many fans on the number available, the timing of the pre-order with no warning and the subsequent scalpers asking £99+ on eBay for the set.

The US pre-order is due to open on the 1st of October 2020. This may be in greater numbers than the UK market and may offer a second avenue for collectors - although at a higher price.


Star Wars Mountain Trooper

Target in the US are picking up a wide range of Galaxy's Edge merchandise for sale in stores with the launch of the range this week (30th August). We already knew this included Black Series figures of Captain Cardinal and DJ R-3X as announced some time ago. And last week we saw that a single release of Hondo Ohnaka is also part of the line. A fourth figure is now confirmed and available immediately in the US alongside the other 3.

The First Order Mountain Trooper is taken from the original Disney Park's Multi-Packs - so is not new, but will be more widely available now, particularly outside the US. Placeholders for Hondo and the Trooper are already on Amazon UK and the speculation is that the UK will have orders open as of the 1st of September.


Star Wars DIsney Elite R5-P8

Another Galaxy's Edge release is R5-P8 in the Disney Elite series. The droid, part of Hondo's operation in The Clone Wars - and now on Batuu at Galaxy's Edge - will be exclusive to Disney Stores and a limited release. He is already up for sale on the US website, and we expect a UK and Euro release shortly.


McFarlane DC Multiverse

There was a whole raft of McFarlane news this week from the DC Multiverse, starting with this brand new Batman figure, designed by Todd McFarlane. The Batman will head up a new sub-line called the Gold Label Collection. These will be limited releases in special packaging and will be from across the McFarlane line of figures - not just DC. The Batman figure will be an early 2021 release with pre-orders due in October 2020. In the US it will be sold at Walmart, and will get availability elsewhere in the world via selected retailers


Chase figures seem to be a thing for McFarlane and following the reveal of the Gold Label Collection came confirmation of the Platinum Collection. This will feature limited runs of figures with adjusted paint jobs - starting with the bronzed version of the DC Arkham Joker. Platinum figures will be limited to around 3000 units and packed randomly into cases of other DC Multiverse figures. This means the only way to buy them is if they make it to the shelves, or most likely via the secondary market at inflated prices.


McFarlane released images this week of their Build-A-Figure, The Merciless. The Merciless will be split across four DC Multiverse releases - Batman who Laughs, Superman (The Infected), Dark Night Metal Batman and Earth-22 Robin.


Other McFarlane reveals this week included the details for Teen Titan Cyborg. He is part of a 4 figure wave alongside Rebirth Joker and Flash and Azrael in Bat Armour - but he was not revealed alongside the other three. Cyborg will be released October 2020 with the other figures.


And finally we moved to Arkham with new figures of Batman and Deathstroke. Batman is listed as being from Arkham City, but is more like the Arkham Knight suit (thanks to those who pointed this out to us on our social channels). Deathstroke is taken from Arkham Origins. Both figures will be Autumn 2020 releases.


McFarlane The Witcher

After showing off a 12 inch Geralt figure a couple of weeks back, McFarlane revealed the first 7 inch figure in their The Witcher series. The 7 inch Geralt shown is from The Witcher III and is another of these Gold Label Collection exclusives. He will be presented in his Kaer Morhen Armour and armed with two swords with what appear to be working sheaths. As a Gold Label figure he will be limited and sold via Walmart in the US as an exclusive, as well as via selected international retailers. He is down for a January 2021 release.


Doctor Who, Jungles of Mechanus

Character Toys revealed a very special Doctor Who set this week and put it up for immediate pre-order with delivery due at some point after the 7th of September 2020. The Jungles of Mechanus set features the two 60's Movie Daleks that were loaned to the BBC for the story The Chase in 1965. They feature the larger base and larger lights on the dome. The set uses the same packaging as the B&M History of the Dalek sets. At £24.99 you can place your order here.


NECA King Kong

The packaging for the NECA King Kong figure was unveiled this week. Kong is not based entirely off a movie, but rather a NECA own design. He comes with alternative head and hands. Kong is starting to arrive in US stores now.


NECA Sarah & John Connor, Terminator 2

The NECA twin pack of John and Sarah Connor from Terminator 2 was announced some time ago and is getting closer to its Autumn release date. Ahead of this, NECA have released some glamour shots of the pair.


NECA Back to the Future

NECA also showed off some gallery images for their Marty McFly "Tales from Outer Space" figure this week from Back to the Future. The set features Marty in his Hazmat suit complete with unmasked head options as well as the hair dryer and walkman.


Storm Collectibles Street Fighter

After showing off a couple of images earlier in the Summer during SDCC week, Storm Collectibles have now released the full details for their Street Fighter V E. Honda figure. Honda will feature three different head sculpts, swap out hands and a special move FX piece. He will be released in Quarter 4 of 2020.



Medicom released promotional images this week for two new releases.

The Iron-Man Mk85 from Avengers Endgame will feature a number of nanotech accessories including his shield, backpack launcher, nanotech blade and gauntlet launchers.


We are then getting a Batman and Robin 2-pack from The Dark Knight Rises. The Batman features four head options, soft goods cape and swap out hand options. Robin has two head sculpts and she also gets a soft goods cape.


Spinmaster Batman Exclusive

To celebrate DC FanDome, Spinmaster have released a FanDome Exclusive 12 inch scale Batman figure with soft goods cape and presentation box. As anDome was an online event, the Batman Exclusive is being handled by Amazon with pre-orders now open and dispatch as of the 21st of September 2020.


Good Smile Company Robocop

The Good Smile Company have two 1/12 releases incoming from Robocop. The first is a Harange Works line and is a 6 inch scale Robocop. He will feature metal alloy components and swap out damage head and chest pieces. There are three face pieces for varying expressions. Robocop is armed with his Auto-9 handgun, that fits in working thigh holster, and the Cobra Assault Cannon. Other accessories, like the Terminal Spike Hand, are also included and when not in use the accessories can be stowed in a compartment that doubles as a display base.

The second release is a Moderoid ED-209. This is a kit form figure that will require some assembly, but he is designed to complement the Robocop figure in scale and design. ED-209 will be fully articulated.

Robocop is a January 2021 release while ED-209 follows in February. Pre-orders on both are open now and until the 1st of October 2020.


SH Figuarts "Battle on Titan" Doctor Strange

Following its reveal earlier this Summer, SH Figuarts have now released some better images of their Avengers Infinity War "Battle on Titan" Doctor Strange. The figure is a tweak of the existing SHF figure with an adjusted head sculpt and soft goods cloak with wire armature. Doctor Strange will also feature two head options and a variety of magic FX pieces. The Doctor will be a January 2021 release.


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