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SatTOYday Roundup : Issue 136 SDCC Week Special, Part 2

Happy #SatTOYday everyone!

Over the last 7-days, companies and fans have been celebrating what would have been San Diego Comic Con 2020 through virtual presentations and events. We had Comic Con at Home from the SDCC team as well as individual events such as MezcoCon, NECACon and McFarlaneCon.

This issue rounds up the key announcements from SDCC week from NECA, McFarlane and Diamond Select Toys.

Checkout Part 1 for coverage from Hasbro, Mezco, Super7, Storm Collectibles and Medicom.

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NECA : Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Turtles were the franchise with the biggest reveals from NECA at SDCC. The Cartoon figures will be growing near with figures revealed for Mondo Gecko, Joe Eyeball, Muckman and Krang Android as well as a 2-pack of Vernon and the Rat King.

The 1990 Movie figures have an army building 2-pack of Foot Soldiers on the way, complete with the weapons rack that had been exclusive to last years SDCC set until now. There was also the packaging revealed for Super Shredder and a teaser image indicating potentially future figures of Hamato Yoshi (Splinter) and maybe even Oroku Saki (Shredder)

NECA : Back to the Future

The Back to the Future reveals were headlined with the unveiling of the first Doc Brown in the line. The Doc will be based on the 1955 version from the first movie and will include 2-heads, wrench, blueprints and drawings of the flux capacitor.

We also got the packaging reveals for the Marty McFly and Tales from Space Marty sets. The NECA team also gave us a look at the first production samples for the Toony Classics Back to the Future figures.

NECA : Predator

The NECA Predator reveals during Comic Con week were quite limited. We got a look at the packaging for an upcoming Lost Armoured Predator from Predator 2. And there was a figure reval of a Battle Damaged City Hunter from the same movie.

NECA Aliens

The Aliens reveals kicked off with the packaging shots of the Series 2 Alien 40th Anniversary figures of Brett, Parker and the Big Chap

We were then shown some new shots of Series 3 40th Anniversary figures of Ash and Kane who are due by the end of the year.

And the Kenner inspired Rhino is also getting a new release in late 2020, with a new gun metal and electric blue paint job that itself is inspired by the original Kenner line

NECA Terminator

The only Terminator news from NECA was this sneak peak at the packaging for their upcoming Terminator 2 Sarah & John Connor 2-Pack.

NECA : Horror

The NECA Horror reveals include a proper first look at a prototype for the Ultimate 7 inch Ghostface.

We were also shown two new Toony Terrors figures destined for Wave 5, Ghostface and The Creep from Creepshow. The full Series 5 line up was then unveiled to also include repaints of Michael Myers and Ash from the Evil Dead.

In the Gremlins line we have another Gremlin release incoming based on some of the original 1984 advertising posters. Back to School Gremlin features a soft goods outfit and baseball cap. He comes with baseball glove and ball, school books, Gizmo lunch box (that opens) and a School Bus Stop Sign. He is a Target exclusive and is due to land by September 2020.

And in a surprise announcement, checkout this Ultimate Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th Part VII. We thought the ongoing legal wranglings had put a stop on these figures, but it seems there is some room within the restrictions for figure releases.


The McFarlane team were holding McFarlane Con this week and the big reveal was a new line called RAW10. We featured these last week following a couple of them going up on Walmart in the US. The press release details the origins of the line, launches a supporting website and confirms the four figures to launch the line.

The week also saw a new variant of the Mortal Kombat Spawn head to Target stores for pre-order. This Target exclusive is now armed with an Axe as opposed to the previous versions with their sword and mace.

Another reveal was this new Doom figure. The DOOMicorn is a playable skin in Doom Eternal and will be brought to the figure range by McFarlane in all its glory.

McFarlane finally confirmed they had obtained the licence for The Witcher video game and we can expect to see figures in the Autumn of 2021.

And My Hero Academia will have two new figures joining the line this Autumn with an updated figure of Katsuki Bakugo, now in his U.A. Festival Outfit, and Hero Killer Stain.

McFarlane : DC Multiverse

In the DC Multiverse line, a new wave of Dark Nights : Metal figures were unveiled. There is a new Robin, Batman, Superman and Batman who Laughs with Sky Tyrant Wings . The wave will also include a Build-A-Figure of The Merciless.

Sadly, its been since confirmed that the Robin figures do not come with all three heads - but are chase variants within the wave.

In another wave reveal for the DC Multiverse we got a look at figures of Teen Titans Cyborg, Flash and Joker from Rebirth and Azrael in Batman Armour from Curse of the White Knight.

The news then moved to 2-Packs with Nightwing & Red Hood, and Batman and The Flash planned for Autumn releases.

And the DC Multiverse news came to a close with this image of a Flashpoint Batman who is scheduled for a Winter 2020 release. And there was a final tease of some new chase exclusive figures in the line - the silhouette image clearly shows a Joker figure, while the other is less obvious.

Diamond Select

The Diamond Select reveals started with two new movie Select figures of The Crow and Captain Jack Sparrow. These two new additions to the 7 inch Select line are up for pre-order with a release date in early 2021. Jack will come with his hat as shown and a pistol and sword, while The Crow comes with his Guitar, a Gravestone and perched Crow accessory.

We also got confirmation of a new Hulk in the Marvel Select line. Rampaging Hulk was initially shown as a concept sketch, but the figure was revealed during some press activity later in the week. It too will be a 2021 release.

Diamond also revealed a new version of their John Wick figure, now packed with a weapons create, blood marker and coin. He will go up for pre-order soon and is also a 2021 release.

There are re releases coming it the Muppets line too with a new "Best Of The Muppets" series. There are two waves announced, each with three packs - which then contain two muppets each (apart from the Swedish Chef).

And a further re-release is incoming for Marvel Select, with a new release of their 2010 The Thing from Fantastic Four.

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