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SatTOYday Roundup : Issue 135 SDCC Week Special, Part 1

Updated: Jul 26

Happy #SatTOYday everyone!

Over the last 7-days, companies and fans have been celebrating what would have been San Diego Comic Con 2020 through virtual presentations and events. We had Comic Con at Home from the SDCC team as well as individual events such as MezcoCon, NECACon and McFarlaneCon.

This issue rounds up the key announcements from SDCC week from Hasbro, Mezco, Storm Collectibles, Super7 and Medicom.

Part 2 will then follow tomorrow with news for NECA, McFarlane and Diamond Select

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Hasbro : Marvel Legends

Comic Con at Home week saw Hasbro reveal the packaging for the final X-Men movie sets of Deadpool & Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Domino. These went up for pre-order for a Autumn 2020 release.

There was also some new X-Men Comic book packs in a new format packaging that was similar in shape and style to the movie figures. The majority of these figures had been revealed before, but we now get to see how they will be released. Old Man Hawkeye will be packed with Old Man Logan and a Baby Hulk in a new 2-pack. There will also be a 2-pack of Storm and Thunderbird. While the Nimrod figure will find a home in an Amazon Exclusive 3-pack with Psylocke and Fantomex.

The sets that would have been SDCC exclusives were also X-Men themed. From the Comic books we have a Hellfire Club 4-Pack including figures of Jean Grey, Emma Frost, Sebastian Shaw and Donald Pierce. The movie exclusive was a surprise 2-pack of Logan and Charles Xavier from the Logan 2018 movie. These two sets will now be sold by Hasbro Pulse in the US at some point in September.

Hasbro : Star Wars

The Star Wars Reveals for the week started with some Target exclusive figures. Target and Disney have joined up for a line of Galaxy's Edge merchandise exclusive to Target stores. Within this deal are products from Hasbro. We have a 6 inch DJ R-3X figure, a single release of the same figure that has been in the Droids pack at Galaxy's Edge. There is then a new figure of Captain Cardinal.

Vintage fans were also delighted to see this Target deal included a re-release of the huge Legacy Millennium Falcon, now badged as the Smuggler's Run version. It comes with Vintage Collection figures of Hondo Ohnaka, Chewbacca and some Porgs.

News then moved to the sets that had been planned as SDCC exclusives. The Black Series would be getting a repack of the original Wampa figure, with updated paint job and in Vintage inspired packaging for the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back.

There is then a multi-pack from Return of the Jedi called Heroes of Endor. It includes new Endor figures of Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia - as well as Paploo the Ewok and a repack of the Speeder Bike.

Vintage Collection fans can look forward to a 3-pack of the 501st Arc Troopers of Fives, Jessie and Echo. All the SDCC 2020 sets from Hasbro will go up on Hasbro Pulse in September for sale.

Hasbro : Ghostbusters

The Ghostbusters line will be joined by Louis Tully later this year. He is arriving in a 2-Pack that was originally planned as an SDCC exclusive. The Tullys Terrible Night Set features Louis and a repack of the Viz Clortho Terror Dog. It will be sold on Hasbro Pulse in September.

Hasbro : Power Rangers

The Power Rangers team at Hasbro had planned a Lord Dakkon Evo III figure as an SDCC 2020 exclusive. The figure was revealed in all its glory this week, complete with lightning diorama and Power Ranger helmets. It will now be sold via Hasbro Pulse at some point in September.

Hasbro : Transformers

Not directly linked to SDCC week, Hasbro did list a new Transformers Studio Series Leadfoot this week - exclusive to Target in the US.

Hasbro GI Joe

Also heading to Target are a number of new GI Joe Classified 6 inch figures under a sub-line called Special Missions : Cobra Island. The line will include a variant Roadblock, a new Beachhead figure, an army builder Cobra Trooper - that has since been selling out instantly all over - and the first vehicle in the line with the pack of Baroness and a COIL bike.


The Mezco reveals during SDCC week started with Marvel and a new One:12 Collective X-Men figure of Bishop, complete with two head options.

Not to be left out, we also have a new DC One:12 Collective figure incoming in the shape of this John Constantine, complete with two head sculpts, shotgun, magic FX pieces and his cigarette.

Joining the One:12 line is this figure of Death Dealer, a figure based on the Frank Frazetta painting of the same name.

And coming at some point in the future are The Fantastic Four, as teased by Mezco with this animated image.

It was also confirmed that Ultraman is coming in the Mezco 5Points line. We got these images of Ultraman and Red King.

Also joining the 5Points line is Popeye, with figures of Popeye, Olive Oil, Bluto and Rough House unveiled by Mezco. These are described as a Set in the article - so are more likely a boxed multi-pack than individual figures

And as a sub-line to eht 5Points figures will be Mezco Monsters, a set of limited articulation figures including Dracula, Wolfman, The Mummy, Creature from the Black Lagoon and Frankenstein.


Super7 were having their own Comic Con at Home with product reveals and their own exclusive items. One of those exclusives was a new version of their Ultimates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Baxter Stockman - complete with glow in the dark paint job.

Storm Collectibles

The Storm Collectibles reveals this week were an impressive Motaro from Mortal Kombat coming later this year. It actually sold out at the Storm website within 24-hrs, but hopefully there will be more stocks via independent stockists.

Storm will also be releasing an E. Honda figure from Street Fighter V. There are no more details on this yet, just a handful of images.

Also joining the Mortal Kombat line in the near future is an unmasked version of Sub Zero.

Storm also revealed they will be releasing figures from Darkstalkers, the Capcom video game. The first figure unveiled was Demitri Maximoff.

Medicom MAFEX

While not necessarily SDCC announcements, two new MAFEX figures were revealed this week via the usual Far East magazine scans. We have new figures of Wolverine and a Batman figure in coming in 2021.

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