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SatTOYday Roundup : Issue 127

Happy #SatTOYday everyone!

This week started slowly and built to a crescendo across Thursday and Friday as Hasbro released details of a packaging shake up for the Star Wars Black Series and a brand new (old) wave announcement. Tamashii Nations also had a busy week launching their new "Presents" site dedicated to their movie figures, with three new figures unveiled on the launch of the site.

In other news DIamond confirmed some more re-releases this week for Marvel and Nightmare Before Xmas, Mezco opened pre-orders for a new Wonder Woman and Medicom released promo images of some new figures for Marvel and Star Wars.

No new reviews this week (sorry) but checkout my progress with the new Figure Database project...

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Star Wars Black Series Phase 4 Packaging

Hasbro will be changing the Star Wars Black Series packaging in Autumn 2020, with a move into Phase 4 starting in September. The new design colour codes the movies and this determines the box colour element - for example, Return of the Jedi is green, while The Empire Strikes Back is blue.

The numbering system remains, but is more low key on the rear of the box. The side spine now features the character art with similar releases lining up with each other to make a larger montage.

The first wave of figures will be a Rebels wave, led by a new Deluxe figure of Zeb. He will be joined with the 6 other crew members - all re-releases, and updated with face print technology for all bar Ezra who came with it to start with. These are due in August/September 2020.


These will be followed by a further wave - as already announced - containing Beskar Mandalorian, Stormtrooper, Kamino Clone Trooper, Darth Vader, Admiral Ackbar and Teebo. They will also be joined by Snowspeeder Luke Skywalker - a repack from the 40th Anniversary line.

Like the Rebels wave, this wave (tentatively called Wave 26) is due in August/September 2020.


McFarlane Warhammer 40k

McFarlane unveiled their 7 inch scale Warhammer 40k figures this week. The line starts with an Ultramarine Chapter Space Marine and a Necros figure to face off against. For fans who want to paint their own figures - in line with the miniatures for the game - McFarlane will also release a plain grey Space Marine that can be painted by the fans


Tamashii Nations presents.... Iron-Man, Wonder Woman and IG-11

On the 28th May 2020, Tamashii Nations have officially launched their new Tamashii Nations "Presents" website that focuses on their action figures based on Western Cinema - particularly Star Wars, Marvel and DC. The site remains for a Japanese audience, so some translation may be off.

With the launch of the site came some new product reveals, pre-orders and gallery images.

The first reveal was an Iron-Man Mk1 figure called "the birth of Iron-Man". It seems to be part of a 4-figure series with more incoming from Iron-Man, Avengers and Endgame. The figure features a neat feature with an insert in the helmet that can either show Tony Stark's eyes, or an empty helmet if you are using this in a Hall of Armour display. And to help with the Hall of Armour, the Hall of Armour module will be re-released at the same time, October 2020.


IG-11 from The Mandalorian is now confirmed for a October 2020 release. He features a number of features including an alternative chest piece with self destruct device.


Wonder Woman 1984 will see Diana updated from her Justice League release, matching her appearance in the upcoming WW1984 movie. She will feature two face options as well as her lasso of truth. She too is a October 2020 release.


MAFEX Reveals... Worth Cap, Mando and Gambit

MAFEX unveiled a trio of new figures this week, giving us a good look at each with a full gallery of images.

The Mandalorian and The Child are a two pack release coming in December 2020. The set includes a raft of accessories and weapons for Mando, while The Child is more of a static piece.


Gambit, from the X-Men, will be released in March 2021 and comes with a soft goods overcoat. We will also get two head options, his staff, and a bunch of magic effects and playing card pieces.


The Worthy Captain America, as seen in Endgame, is also a March 2021 release. He includes three head options, multiple hand pieces and comes with a normal Mjolnir and a spinning effect Mjolnir piece. There are also two version of his shield - one whole, one broken.


Diamond, Nightmare Before Christmas

In Issue 126 we reported on Diamond's intention to launch a "Best Of" line for their 7 inch scale Nightmare Before Christmas Figures - with two waves coming in Autumn.

This week they confirmed these would be accompanied by a re-release of the Deluxe Oogie Boogie figure and a 3-pack of Jack Skellington figures.


Marvel Select Re-Releases by Diamond

Diamond have also announced two very popular Marvel Select figures will be re-released this Autumn. The Thor and Hulkbuster have previously been Disney Store Exclusives. They will now be repacked some 5 years later as a general Select release.


NECA Pharaoh Eddie

NECA have released the boxed images of their Pharaoh Eddie 8 inch figure from Iron Maiden's Powerslave album art. Eddie is heading to stores in June 2020.


Mezco Wonder Woman

Mezco have unveiled their new One:12 Collective 6 inch scale Wonder Woman figure, this time she is in her Themysciran battle suit. Pre-Orders are now open, with release scheduled between December 2020 and February 2021.

The figure features two head sculpts and a selection of hand option. There is a set of removable shoulder armour pieces and a removable soft goods cloak, complete with internal posing wire. Wonder Woman is armed with a Spear, the Sword of Athena, her Shield and a Battle Axe. There are also three FX pieces that attach magnetically to her bracers to give a ricocheting bullet effect.


This Weeks Activity...

I've done no new reviews this week (boo) but the Vault project of moving the static figure checklists into a database format that can be filtered and search is moving at pace. The Hasbro (other) database is now live covering Transformers Studio Series, Power Rangers, Overwatch, GI Joe and Ghostbusters

Remember this format is already live for Star Wars Black Series (full, but with some tweaks being made), NECA (work ongoing in background) and Doctor Who (2013 onwards)

About Me : As a child of the 70's and 80's I grew up in a golden age for action figures and in my youth bought and sold myself through collections of Star Wars, G.I. Joe (Action Force) and M.A.S.K. while also dabbling in He-Man, Transformers and Ghostbusters. Roll forward and I am now reliving that Youth with the action figures of today and am a collector and fan of the larger 6-8 inch figures from my favourite movie and TV licences - including the ones mentioned above, but also the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Doctor Who and the Aliens. I launched The Mephitsu Archives in 2015 with a view of creating a UK focused site or these figures where fans can pick up the latest action figure news, read reviews and get information on where to buy their figures and what is currently on store shelves. I hope I am delivering that to you guys...

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