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SatTOYday Roundup : Issue 123

Happy #SatTOYday everyone!

We celebrated Alien Day this week, 26th of April, and for the 5th Year running we ran our NECA Alien figure fans vote - you can checkout the winners here. And another big day is coming with May the 4th... we have a big reveal on the day, with the first part of our Vault Project launching. Stay tuned for more.

In news this week we have some Marvel reveals in the shape of an SH Figuarts Captain America, and a shot of the previously announced Mysterio on his Marvel Legends Retro Card. NECA had new Turtle images for us. And there was also the small matter of a Hasbro Star Wars livestream event.

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Hasbro Star Wars Live Stream

On Friday the 1st of May, Hasbro held a live stream on their Hasbro Pulse Facebook channel hosted by Patrick Schneider and Eric Franer. The 55 minute show was a mix of unboxing of product that is about to hit shelves - mostly around The Child - as well as reveals for the Star Wars lines for Autumn 2020.

They revealed new sculpts for the Imperial Stormtrooper and Clone Trooper with two new variants arriving in Autumn.

Darth Vader will be Carbonized, using a very dark blue hue as seen in early Ralph McQuarrie works.

The Fan's Choice Luke Skywalker on Dagobah will now be a deluxe release, alongside a new and properly scaled Yoda. The Jedi master will sit in the included backpack, and has two head sculpts. Luke has a second pair of hands with which to do his single hand hand-stand.

On the 40th Anniversary Vintage Cards are new Kenner Decor inspired figure of 4-LOM and Zuckuss. Both incorrectly labelled as happened in the 80's when they were sold by Kenner.

And for those who have been patient, the Carbonite Han Solo will be packed onto a Vintage card.

The other piece of 6 inch news of any note was about the Archive collection. Hasbro have rested this in 2020 as the 40th Anniversary figures serves the same purpose in terms of re-releases of figures like Bespin Luke and Lando with the face print decor. The Archive series will return in 2021 and the line up will be determined by a Fan's Choice vote running over the next 2-weeks. The main Fan Sites will be involved in preliminary voting, with the final votes via Hasbro Pulse from the 15th of May. The choice will be one figure in the Archive line, but I would guess the vote will help shape other re-releases.

Disney Store Probe Droid for May the 4th?

Disney Store Japan have listed a brand new diecast Probe Droid on their site in the Elite figure line. The 6.5 inch line of Diecast figures had thought to be finished, but the Probe Droid confirms Disney still have plans for the line, most likely as special releases.

The US Disney Store have now listed this item also as a special edition release for May the 4th, with the item going on sale at 7am ET. The UK site is yet to follow suit?


Marvel Legends Retro Carded Mysterio

Hasbro has released an additional image of their Retro Carded Mysterio Marvel Legends figure. Mysterio will be an October release.


SH Figuarts Captain America, Cap vs Cap Edition

SH Figuarts will be releasing a new Captain America figure in September 2020 to represent the epic showdown the two Cap's had in Avengers Endgame. The new release will feature three heads, Cap's Shield, Shield bouncing effect, alternative hands and Cap's Compass, complete with picture of Peggy Carter


NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

NECA released a gallery of images this week for their new Metalhead action figure. Metalhead is coming in June 2020 and will be packed with a drill arm, vacuum arm, additional hands and a chest laser. In the US he will be a Target Exclusive. There will be Worldwide availability via specialist stores with a number of UK stores opening up pre-orders already.


There was also a new image of the 2-pack of Casey Jones and Raphael in his trenchcoat, as seen in the 1990 Turtles movie. This new catalogue image showed off the accessories for both figures


NECA Alien 40th Anniversary

NECA took to Twitter on Alien Day (26th April) to show a new image of the first wave of their Alien 40th Anniversary figures. This wave of a new head sculpt Ripley, Dallas with face print technology and the Concept Xenomorph is a Target US exclusive. Thankfully NECA have confirmed it is getting a wider global release.


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