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SatTOYday Roundup : Issue 109

Happy #SatTOYday everyone!

The news this week is starting to ramp up after the quiet New Year Period. NECA are on a full reveal schedule as they count down to Toy Fair 2020 - checkout the new Flasher Gremlin and the Alpha Predator. We also had, after nearly a years wait, details of the Mezco 1989 Batman.

Jazwares Fortnite 6 inch line is growing with another 4 figures listed for sale on Amazon US, including a 6 inch scale Peely! And the Mortal Kombat range from Storm Collectibles just got a bit more dangerous (and gruesome) with their new Raiden figure and that finishing maneuver....

Oh, and Hasbro dropped a brand new Black Widow figure from the upcoming movie!

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Mezco One:12 Batman (1989)

We've waited nearly a year since it was shown at Toy Fair 2019 for Mezco to confirm the details of their One:12 Michael Keaton 1989 Batman action figure. The wait is over, or rather then details are released and now the wait for those pre-ordering can begin.

Batman comes with 3 heads, assorted hands, weaponry and of course Batarangs. He is exclusive to Mezco, so wont be for sale anywhere else. Order now and he should ship between September and November 2020


Marvel Legends Black Widow

Hasbro do have more figures planned for the upcoming Phase 4 Marvel Black Widow movie to sit alongside the four announced figures. Announced this week is the Deluxe Black Widow, a new figure in the white suit packed in a larger box with a dynamic figure stand and blast FX pieces.

She will retail for £29.99 here in the UK and should land towards the end of March along with the four single releases of Widow (black suit), Yelena, Taskmaster and Red Guardian. See our Phase 4 MCU page for details of these.


Jazwares Fortnite Legendary Series

The final two figures of Series 2 of the Jazwares Fortnite 6 inch Legendary figures - Valkyrie and Jonesy - are starting to show up in the UK and the Amazon listings of the two figures gave us a new set of promotional images. One of these also seems to show a 6 inch scale Ragnarok?


Series 3 is also incoming, and is listed on Amazon US. The wave has four figures of Rust Lord, Raven, Molten Battle Hound and Peely!



Halloween, Bill & Ted, Turtles, Gremlins, Aliens and more...

We stated the week on #MonsterMonday with NECA giving us a brand new promotional gallery for their Halloween 3 : Season of the Witch 3-pack of 8 inch scale Trick or Treaters.


There was also confirmation on Monday that the "most excellent" 8 inch scale Bill and Ted figure 2-pack will be re-released in 2020 with a May date currently scheduled.


#TurtleTuresday brought us the packaging reveal for the Turtles in Time 7 inch scale Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures. The first wave brings us half the TMNT foursome with figures of Leonardo and Donatello. Facing off against them in wave 1 are a Foot Soldier and the Evil Turtle from Dimension X, Slash!


Wednesday's news was initially teased on Tuesday by means of a Tweet from Randy Falk talking about being Flashed by a Gremlin. The full reveal came on Wednesday as NECA confirmed their next Gremlins release will be the Dorry's Tavern Gremlin.

The figure comes with various parts and accessories - including the Trench Coat for the Flashing scene. There are also card playing accessories, a hand puppet, mallet and Fedora Hat. This new Gremlin can join your hordes in May 2020.


To follow on from the Halloween II reveals last week, NECA shared a very lovely piece of artwork that will be featured on the card for their Michael Myers 8 inch action figure coming Spring 2020.


Friday, or rather #FaceHuggerFriday was marked with a reveal of the packaging design for the NECA Kenner Homage Rhino Alien.


We finished the week with the full reveal from NECA of their long awaited Alpha Predator, commemorating over 100 Predator releases to date with this unique design with homage to some of the very original Predator suit design from the early stages of the 1987 movie production.


Storm Collectibles, Mortal Kombat

The next contender into the Mortal Kombat line of 6 inch action figures by Storm Collectibles was teased pre-Xmas as Raiden - the full reveal has now taken place and the figure looks fantastic! There are three head options, alternative hands and some lightning FX pieces including those to complete his finisher . You even get an exploding head for your other Storm Mortal Kombat action figures so they can be posed with Raiden while he performs his finisher.

Raiden is down for an April 2020 release


Hasbro Leaks...

Hasbro are gearing up for their 2020 Preview Event at Toy Fair 2020, but have had some key reveals spoiled ahead of the event by some online retailers going early with details and images. I have chosen to preserve our relationship with Hasbro by not sharing the leaked images.

The details around the 40th Anniversary crded 6 inch figures will be confirmed fully at Toy Fair, but it should be no shock that like the 2017 figures for A New Hope, the majority will be repacks - although this time round some figures will get a face print technology update via the 40th Anniversary release.

The use of the GI Joe logo on the Toy Fair Preview Event image for Hasbro's Preview Event is of course evocative having not had any Joe products for some time. While some have leaked what this is, I can't wait to see what is in store. Alongside Star Wars, GI Joe (Action Force here in the UK) was a big part of my childhood and a new line of these beloved characters will be hard to resist.

On The Pegs...

Our checks on UK retailers this week turned up the following finds

The Entertainer... new 4 inch Aquaman & Superman sets and the Batmobile from Spin Master

Smyths... new Jurassic World Dinosaurs

B&M... last years Doctor Who sets are down to £10, DC Collectibles Hawkgirl

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