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SatTOYday Action Figure News Roundup : Issue 172

Happy #SatTOYday everyone!

Did you miss us? We had a week off last week after a very very slow news week and a double whammy of issues the week before. We are back with Issue 172 and it's filled with Action Figure news, including more Hasbro reveals from both Star Wars and Marvel.

NECA's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line keeps getting bigger and bigger and it is great to see them listening to fans and making new sets available both in the US and Internationally via their own online store. We also had a new McFaralen DC Multiverse chase variant unveiled this week, had a teaser from Icon Heroes about a new Karate Kid figure, and Bandai are back with figure kits from Star Wars!

Reviews over the last couple of weeks include the new Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary Qui-Gon Jinn carded figure, the Lanard Toys City Hunter Predator and the Playmates Gigan from the Godzilla line.

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Hasbro Star Wars

It may have only been 2-weeks since Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest, but there is still plenty of reveals flowing in via the Hasbro teams. This week we had a new wave of 6-inch Black Series figures confirmed as part of the Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary Celebrations. The four-figure wave would be retro carded like the Kenner-inspired figures and the Phantom Menace carded set. This time, however, they are to be carded on a recreation of the original early 2000's Clone Wars cardbacks.

The wave includes Clone Wars figures of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, both figures featuring a mix of new parts and existing molds. They are joined by Arc Trooper Echo on the new Clone Trooper body. And then strangely on the old body, Clone Pilot Hawk.

The wave is a Target US exclusive and down for a Summer 2021 release. They will be available outside of the US by the usual Fan Channel routes, and we are assuming that this should include Hasbro Pulse in the UK.


Hasbro Marvel Legends

We have just had a couple of great panels from the Marvel Legends team at Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest, and have another live event planned for Monday the 26th of April, but that did not stop the reveal this week via Marvel.com of the new Shang-Chi movie figures.

The reveal came the same week as the first trailer, and in time for actor Simu Liu's birthday.

The Marvel Legends figures, many of which have leaked already, are part of a wave that also includes the Civil Warrior and AI Tony Stark. The Shang-Chi figures within the wave include Shang-Chi, Wenwu, Xialing and Death Dealer. The BAF is a comicbook Mr Hyde.

There will also be a standalone release of Katy and Morris who will be a Target US exclusive and sold via the Fan Channel elsewhere.

The press release and photo pack also contained details of 6 inch basic figures, 12 inch basic figures and role-play items.


NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

NECA have listed a number of new TMNT products for sale directly via the NECA Store and with International Options for collectors outside of the US. Ace Duck had been teased previously, but these new preorders revealed him in all his finery and his partner in the 2-pack, Mutagen Man.

Ace will come with two heads, his wings, a pilot's hat, handguns, VHS tape, and film reel. Mutagen Man has an alternative face option, tank, and weapon.

The Triceraton 2-pack of Zarak and Zork that had been previously announced also went up for pre-order at the NECA online store.


We were also treated to the reveal of Antrax and Scumbug as another NECA Online Store pre-order ahead of their release in Autumn 2021. Antrax is armed to the teeth with his axe, mace and knives. While Scumbug has a gas-gun, net launcher, fission detector and a group of bugs.

Pre-orders also opened at the same time as this set for the Ultimate Krang Android and the 2-pack of Granitor and Traag.


NECA Universal Monsters

While the new NECA Universal Monsters line was revealed a number of weeks ago with the full reveal of a black and white 1931 Frankenstein's Monster and teases to other figures like Dracula, Wolfman and the Mummy - this week saw NECA release a formal press release about this new licensed line of figures.

The press release gave us a little more details into what we can expect, confirming for example that the Frankenstein's Monster would also be released as a colour option down the road. It was also confirmed that figures are in development for a Lon Chaney Jr. The Wolfman (1941), a Boris Karloff Mummy (1932), and a Bela Lugosi Dracula (1931).


NECA Halloween Kills!

It was also confirmed this week that NECA will be making a new Ultimate Michael Myers from the upcoming 2021 movie Halloween Kills. There are no images of the set yet, but it has been listed on Big Bad Toy Store for a September 2021 release, just ahead of the arrival of the movie in October 2021.


NECA Iron Maiden

NECA had a new Iron Maiden Eddie figure to show us this week. The Aces High Eddie features Eddie from the album of the same name in his WW2 era flight suit. He will come with a revolver accessory and is down as a November 2021 release.


NECA Toony Terrors

NECA's Toony Terror line of stylised horror 6-inch figures will reach Series 6 this September and the full line up has been confirmed. We have Captain Blake from The Fog, Herbert West from Re-animator, The Miner from My Bloody Valentine, and Elvira!


McFarlane DC

McFarlane have been a little quiet recently after the reveal of their Zack Synder Justice League figures. This week they did confirm a new variant to their DC Multiverse line, a silver armoured Gorilla Grodd they are calling the 'Electrum' chase.


McFarlane Mortal Kombat

There was also a reveal of a new McFarlane Mortal Kombat 'versus' two-pack featuring variant figures of Sub-Zero and Shao Khan. The set is exclusive to Walmart in the US and is up for pre-order now with a July release date. We would expect this to be available via stockists outside the US in the very near future.


Medicom MAFEX

Medicom put two brand new MAFEX figures up for pre-order at the end of the week, both of which are scheduled as January 2022 releases.

First is Harley Quinn, as seen in the Birds of Prey movie in her clear coat with caution tape sleeves. She will feature two head options, an egg sandwich, and her hammer.


We are also getting a MAFEX IG-11, as seen in Season 1 of The Mandalorian. The new figure will feature diecast ankles and a number of accessories including a tea tray, blasters, and a satchel containing Baby Yoda himself, Grogu.


Icon Heroes

Icon Heroes revealed a new Johnny Lawrence figure this week in their 6-inch Karate Kid line. The new arrival was originally planned as a convention exclusive and features Johnny in the white Cobra Kai Dojo training gear. With most major conventions canceled, the figure is now in stock and for order direct from Icon Heroes while stocks last. He comes with four heads and multiple hand options, including one set holding a pair of referee flags.


Mattel Jurassic World

A new release in the 3.75-inch Jurassic World Legacy Series was revealed via a new listing on the Smyths Toy website this past week. The Tyrannosaurus Escape set features the Jurassic Park T-Rex along with a scaled Ford Explorer Jeep from the chase scene featuring a roof section that collapses. A new Tim Murphy figure, complete with Night Vision Glasses accessory, rounds off the £39.99 set and it should be on shelves in June 2021.


Diamond Select

The sought-after figure of The Watcher from Diamond's Marvel Select line has gone up for pre-order this week at several retailers (and sold out at most) for an October 2021 re-release. This ties in with The Watcher's involvement in the upcoming Disney+ Marvel 'What If' series.


Super7 Turtles

Super7 are another company doing excellent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle product, and they had a couple of teasers for us this week, starting this image of what looks very much like a Samurai Suit Leonardo.


This was followed by a further two images of what appears to be Krang! Both teasers are likely to be part of the next wave of TMNT Ultimates, and we await more details.


Mezco 5Points Godzilla

The Mezco 5Points line is getting a little bigger with a new XL sizing added this week and the announcement of two new sets from the Toho Godzilla license, and specifically from the 1968 Destroy All Monsters movie from the Showa Series.

Set 1 features Godzilla with swap-out arms, alternative head and atomic breath. Gojira is joined by Mothra larvae with spitting web effect, Anguiras with alternative head, and Rodan with three head options in total.

The second set brings us the largest Kaiju in the new XL line, King Ghidorah, who stands 5 inches tall and comes with three gravity beam effects. Baragon has an alternative head and two leg options allowing him to be displayed on four legs, or stood on two. There is a Gorosaurus figure, and the set is rounded out by Minilla who has two head options, swap out arms like Godzilla and a puff of smoke accessory.

Both sets are down for a late 2021 / early 2020 release.


SH Figuarts

Tamashii Nations are releasing a third figure in the SH Figuarts 1/12 scale from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Joining the two titular characters in 6-inch form is the John Walker Captain America. He will come with both masked and unmasked head, alternative hand options, pistol and Cap's Shield. There is also a neat Shield bounce FX/stand for a dynamic action pose.

The figure is initially being listed as a Bandai Premium Store exclusive in Japan. It is likely however to be picked up and distributed in the US and beyond via Bluefin.


Bandai Model Kits, The Mandalorian

It was also confirmed this week that Bandai will be releasing model kits from The Mandalorian in the shape of a 1/12 scale Mando and a smaller Razor Crest, likely in a 1/144 scale. The kits will come in two versions, the first a standard release that can be painted beyond the base plastic. There is then a more deluxe version with a metallic chrome finish to reflect the look of Mando's armour and The Razor Crest without any painting being required.

The promo imagery lists these as a July 2021 release. Due to current licensing agreements, it is likely that Bluefin will offer both kits in the US, while Revell will have the option for Europe although they have only distributed Bandai ships up to this point.


Iron Studios Joker

Iron Studios next comic-book DC release will be the Crown Prince of Crime, the Joker! The new Art Scale 1/10 piece will feature The Joker in his iconic purple suit on top of a diorama base. There will be a basic version of the statue and a deluxe version with the latter coming with alternative heads for The Joker as well as a Fedora and Gas Leak effect on the base piece. Expect him to land in the 3rd Quarter of 2021.


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