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SatTOYday Action Figure News Roundup : Issue 171

Happy #SatTOYday everyone!

This is our 2nd issue of the week following on from our Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest Special (Issue 170). In this issue we check out all the other action figure news from the past week including the various action figure announcements from Diamond Selects virtual showcase of 2021 products.

We also take a look at the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles news from NECA, two new Super7 variant figures and a Superman 5Points set from Mezco. There is even some Marvel Legends news that was not part of the Fan Fest event, and some new Marvel statues to ogle from our friends at Iron Studios.

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Diamond Select Toys

At the same time Hasbro were running their Pulse Fan Fest, Diamond Select Toys were running a virtual showcase event of their own with a rundown of new products coming in 2021 from Diamond.

The Select Action Figure line news was the area we were looking at closely, and that included the news that Diamond are now license holders for the Netflix Cobra Kai series and have the first wave of figures planned for Winter 2021 to include Danny Larusso, Johnny Lawrence, and John Kreese. Each figure comes with alternative hands and character-appropriate accessories, although they were not shown during the presentation.


The Tron Select figures will receive a re-decor in 2021 for what would have been an SDCC exclusive set. The new Retro Tron 3-Pack will feature Tron, Flynn and Sark cast in a translucent coloured plastic in homage to the original 1980's Tomy figures. With SDCC 2021 postponed, it is likely the set will be sold via Previews.


And the word was given that the Lord of the Rings Select figures will move to a 4th wave in the Winter of 2021. The new wave features Gandalf the Grey, as seen in The Fellowship of the Ring, complete with his staff and Glamdring. He is accompanied by Gollum. It is unclear what accessories or pack-ins will be included with good old Smeagol to fill out the packaging. We are also unsure if a BAF will be included for the next set of figures.



The entire week of NECA news was around their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles license and included the surprise reveal of a Pizza Monster from Dimension X from the animated TV series. The figure will stand 9 inches tall and comes with a juvenile version of itself as well as a pizza in a box and a remote control device.

Unlike most TMNT products from NECA, this one follows a similar release route as Tokka and Rahzar and is being sold directly by NECA's online store both within the US and Internationally.


We also saw the first look this week of the new April O'Neill figure from the 1990 TMNT movie. The figure's development is being covered by actor Judith Hoeg on her social channels, and she revealed the first images of the unpainted prototype this week. More reveals will follow as the project, and Judith's coverage, continue through the Spring.


This week also saw the Shadow Master Super Shredder exclusive start to hit US stores, and also be listed for international preorder. This brought with it some new images of the set.


Similarly, the Stern Pinball boxset was also updated with a full content list and a better look at the exclusive 7-inch Shredder figure it contains. This set will also be a Walmart US exclusive, but unlike the Shadow Shredder there is no confirmation as yet of an international release.


There was some bad news this week for international collectors eyeing up the recently announced Gargoyles figures from NECA. Randy Falk confirmed via Twitter that the license was a US one only and they could not distribute to stores and sellers outside of the US. While that won't make them impossible to obtain, the price will go up as they will have to be imported from the US and incur the new VAT charges and any other import and delivery costs.


Hasbro Marvel Legends

During the Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest Marvel Legends panel, the team were clear to fans that the Disney+ Marvel Legends figures will continue to be revealed via the Marvel/Disney initiative, 'Marvel Must Have' Mondays throughout 2021.

This week's reveal, following his full appearance in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, was Baron Zemo. He will come with both masked and unmasked heads as well as the codeword book he used to activate Bucky in the events of Civil War. Zemo will be released in the same wave as Vision and Scarlet Witch - while the John Walker Captain America in the special packaging is an exclusive stand-alone release.



The Super7 team announced a new version of their 7 inch Ultimates Toxic Crusader figure will be released in the first quarter of 2022. The 'Radioactive Red Rage' version uses the existing sculpt but applies colour changing paint so Toxie shows as fluorescent green under normal light, changing to an angry red when exposed to sunlight. In the dark, he will glow green. The same accessories will be included, such as the mop with clip-on US flag and his shield.


Another Super7 Ultimates figure getting a do-over is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figure of Mutagen Man. The new variant is exclusive to Entertainment Earth and features glow-in-the-dark paintwork. He will also come with the same accessories as the first release, including alternative hands and a mutagen blaster. Mutagen Man is also a Q1 2022 release.


Mezco 5Points

The Mezco 5Points line is a 3.75-inch collection of limited articulation figures sold as sets from various popular franchises. This week we saw the 5Points line tackle Superman, specifically the early 1940's Superman.

Based on the 1941 story 'The Mechanical Monsters' the Mezco set features Superman, Clark Kent and Lois Lane as well as a larger Mechanical Monster Robot. A diorama is also included across three levels and you also get a phone booth with a rotating interior so you can change Clark into Superman.

The set will be released at some point between September and November 2021.


Iron Studios

Our friends at Iron Studios shared with us details of two new 1/10 Art Scale statues this week from the Marvel Comics. Both are part of a wider connectable diorama featuring the X-Men vs a Sentinel.

Both Forge and Scarlet Witch will be Quarter 4 releases for 2021.

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