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Review: Marvel Legends Miles Morales Spider-Man, Gamerverse


Miles Morales Spider-Man, as seen in the video game for Playstation & X-Box released in 2020, was the final inclusion in the Marvel Legends Armadillo Build-a-Figure wave released at the back end of 2021. The wave was also the vehicle for the Spider-Man: No Way Home figures and alongside Miles we also got MCU figures of Spider-Man (x2), J. Jonah Jameson, and Doctor Strange - as well as two comic book figures of Shriek and Morlun.

Miles is a Gamerverse release so while the box style remains the same, the colours are inverted from a black base to a white one and are headed with the Marvel Gamerverse logo. The side panels and rear of the box carry illustrations of Miles from the game, with the reverse also carrying the build-a-figure checklist and a short piece of text.

"When a fierce power struggle threatens to destroy his new home, Miles Morales realizes that with great power there must also come great responsibility "

MIles is presented on a slim Spider-Man buck that features many of the key features of the Gamerverse suit with the central Spider logo and the panel lines. It is the same body as the Gamestop Exclusive Stealth Spider-Man. The slimmer body shape is in keeping with Miles' age in the game and is smaller than most standard Marvel Legends height, and comparable with the height of the Tom Holland figures.

The entirety of the suit is cast in black with the red added as paint, as is the white of the eyes. Considering the size of the web lines the paint accuracy is good, but there are some patches of the larger blocks of red where it looks murky as the black is not fully covered.

The figure includes an unmasked Miles Morales head that is based on actor Nadji Jeter who plays Miles in the game via motion capture. The likeness is a good one and the figure utilised the photo-real tech to add more realism to the face. The hair is painted over the base skin tone and does have a few areas where the skin tone can still be seen which ends up looking a bit like paint rub or that Miles is going bald in patches.

I found the unmasked head was not a clean fit when swapping it out and it couldn't quite engage on the peg. That may be a manufacturing issue with my figure rather than a widespread concern.

As well as the alternative head, we are also provided with four sets of hands for Miles. He arrives with a pair of web-slinging hands engaged, and can also choose from an open palm 'wall climbing' set as well as a pair of clenched fists for hand to hand combat. The fourth pair are the powered hands which are cast in a translucent yellow and feature a lightning style effect running back from the hand and over the forearm when engaged.

Due to the slim build of Miles and the slim arms, the hands - many of which I assume are re-used from other Spidey figures - look oversized and you do have to pose sensitively to avoid them looking comical.

Like most Marvel Legends Spider-Man figures, Miles Morales is supremely poseable with a total of 21 points of articulation. The usual double jointed knees and elbows sit alongside butterfly shoulders and a T-Joint torso so Miles can crouch, kneel, sit, swing or climb - the latter needing some aftermarket stands and support.

Everything works as it should, but the slimmer figure does mean the joints feel a little more fragile than normal and already a few are starting to feel a little loose.

Miles Morales is a great new addition to the Marvel Legends Gamerverse, and will no doubt go on to spawn a number of variants of other suits we see in the game - the same as we saw the original PS4 Spider-Man game. The sculpt and suit execution are good, as is the articulation which is extensive. Watch out for the decor on the unmasked head and the red which isn't fully covered and may rub further when handled. You will also need to factor in how huge most of the hands look when you pose Miles.

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