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Review : Marvel Legends Hulk (BAF), Avengers Endgame

The 2019 Marvel Legends Endgame Hulk figure was a build-a-figure (BAF) split across 6 releases in the main line. Parts were packed with the figures of the 2nd Endgame Wave. These included Rescue and Shuri from the MCU. And Beta Ray Bill, Loki, Rock Python and Union Jack from the comics.


Assembly 3/5

For the assembly of Hulk you will need the parts from the 6 releases, which will give you a torso, two arms, two legs and two head options. The heads and arms slot easily into place, but the legs do put up a lot of resistance due to the sheer size of the joint. I found I needed to heat up both legs in hot water to soften them and get them aligned to the upper thighs.


Paint & Sculpt 3/5

The Hulk figure is based on the scenes from the Battle of New York, during the Time Heist segment of Avengers Endgame. This see's Hulk imitating his 2012 self before heading off to meet the Ancient One.

The body appears to be a new sculpt, with no clear and obvious re-use from previous Hulks. The heads are now a closer match to the Ruffolo Hulk with face print tech used which brings out the eyes and shading giving us a more thoughtful looking Hulk. The second head is an odd choice for Hulk being as it is smirking and I think this will be the less used of the two in people's' collections.

Had Hasbro replaced the smiling head with a roaring one from the original Avengers movie then this BAF would have taken on another level for collectors in terms of it being able to fill in both an Endgame slot or for the Battle of New York Avengers line up.

The body is cast in green with some paint apps added around Hulk's chest hair - which is perhaps a touch heavy handed. The proportions and muscle detail are good, as are the ripped trousers. The stomach area seems to be a rubbery sleeve over a base plastic body - this does mean there is a gap at the waist and the stomach on my figure sticks out further than the trousers.

Paint applications are limited. The trousers in the upper leg are cast in the base brown with the green then painted over, and there are some areas where this coverage is not great and there is bleeding onto the surrounding grey trousers. In the lower leg they re cast in green plastic with the brown painted on and in some areas the strands of ripped trouser here are not painted and are left green. Hulk's nails, hand and feet, are not painted - I am not sure if they should be?

Hulk is a bit taller than his Age of Ultron counterpart. And looks to be a better colour and less glossy than previous releases.



Hulk, as a BAF within the 2nd Avengers Wave, comes with no accessories. Therefore I am not scoring this segment within the entirety of the review.

However, Hasbro have made an accessory for this figure and packed it in the 3rd wave alongside the Mark 86 Iron-Man figure. The two piece Nano Gauntlet is cast in a red plastic with a gloss added over the outside area. There is gold detail around the wrist and fingers - with some paint bleed - and each Infinity Gem is painted in place.

The piece is specially made for Hulk's right hand. First you pop off the Hulk hand and then you slide the gauntlet sleeve over the top. Once in place the hand piece snaps in as normal.

For screen accuracy this Hulk and the Nano Gauntlet do not really go together. So while the fit is good and Hulk looks great wielding the Gauntlet - the issue for some fans will be another one of accuracy and why we didn't get the more accurate Smart Hulk in his grey and blue suit?


Articulation 5/5

Hulk has a total articulation count of 19 points and is very mobile despite his bulk.

Head : Ball Joint Neck with Pivot

Body : Torso Ball Joint, Waist Swivel

Arms : Ball Joint Shoulder, Bicep Swivel, Double Joint Elbow, Wrist Pivot

Legs : Ball Joint Hip, Thigh Swivel, Double Joint Knees, Ankle Rocker

Hulk can kneel and sit if needed, and has a full range of arm movement. There are a number of Hulk-esque fighting poses available, but with only the right hand being a fist the look on thee have to be balanced with the left hand open palm.

Hulk stands fine, although the hip are already feeling quite loose and could be an issue going forward.



Hulk has been a tough figure to get right in the Marvel Legends MCU range to date, and what we have here is one of two opportunities both missed. This could have either been a dual Endgame / Avengers version with a head produced for each movie - or it could have been an accurate Hulk for the Nano Gauntlet scenes. Instead it kind of settles in the middle.

It is not a bad figure by any stretch, with fantastic articulation, great sculpt and pretty decent paint apps if you overlook the odd error around the ripped trousers. But after paying out for 6 figures to assemble this Hulk I kind of wanted it to be more.

I score the Endgame Hulk BAF a 3 out of 5. Knocking a mark off really for packing an accessory in another wave entirely and not going for the screen accurate Smart Hulk we wanted from Endgame.

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