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Hasbro to release Dungeons & Dragons Golden Archive Drizzt Do'Urden to celebrate 35th Anniversary

Hasbro's new Golden Archive series of Dungeons & Dragons figures has already moved beyond the initial movie releases for Honor Among Thieves with the Lore-inspired Owl-Bear and Beholder. They are now adding a new figure of the iconic Drizzt Do'Urden to the line, celebrating the character's 35th anniversary.

A Drizzt figure is already in existence as released in 2020 in a deluxe package with his Panther, Guenhwyvar. This new version will undoubtedly be reutilising some parts, but the majority of this new iteration of Drizzt look new. He will feature brown and silver armour, over which is a removable green cloak. He is armed with his twin scimitars - Icing Death and Twinkle - as well as a pair of magic effects, one of which can attach to Icing Death's blade. This time round we do not get the Ebony figurine of Guehwyvar, or his pendant.

The new Drizzt figure is an August 2023 release and will come in the closed box, plastic-free packaging. The box front will be inscribed with a facsimile of creator R.A. Salvatore's signature.

The legend continues with this 6-inch-scale Drizzt action figure -- the perfect addition to any fan's Dungeons & Dragons collection! Featuring premium packaging boasting a facsimile of R.A. Salvatore's signature, this Dungeons & Dragons Drizzt toy with fit right in with your display of other Golden Archive figures. (Figures each sold separately. Subject to availability.) OPEN THE DOORS TO THE GOLDEN ARCHIVE. These 6-inch scale, premium action figures and collectibles are inspired by Dungeons & Dragons lore and entertainment from nearly 50 years. Featuring the deco, articulation, and poseability one expects from Hasbro collectible figures with the characters, classes, and species you love from D&D.

  • To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Drizzt Do’Urden, we’ve partnered with the character's legendary author R.A. Salvatore for this signature Drizzt action figure

  • Featuring premium deco & design inspired by the classic fantasy books and games, along with character-inspired accessories

  • This premium Dungeons & Dragons action figure is inspired by the series of fantasy novels The Legend of Drizzt, written by R.A. Salvatore, and features packaging with a facsimile signature

  • We can’t brag (really, we can’t) but this 6-inch scale Drizzt figure may tickle the fancy of the D&D fans in your life

  • More 6-inch action figures means more D&D gifts. Each sold separately. Subject to availability.

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