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Hasbro GI Joe Classified Series Wave 1 "redeco" to include Duke, Scarlett and Roadblock

We shared details at the end of last year that GI Joe Classified 6 inch figures of Roadblock and Scarlet were being re-released with adjusted paint apps. Scarlett has the biggest update with a change to her base uniform from blue/grey to beige and the removal of the bright gold paint on the armour. Roadblock also has the gold colour of the armour stripped back, changes to the gloves and a darker finish to his weapon

The image below shows the new figure on the left with the original version shown on the right

It has now been confirmed that they will sit as part of a re-issue of Wave 1 which also includes paint updates to Duke. The main changes to Duke are in the leg armour pieces as well as some changes to his gloves. Again, the image below shows the Redeco figure on the left, with the original figure to the right.

Snake Eyes and Destro will still be packed in the case, but there are no significant changes to either of these figures.

This new assortment is being distributed now, and under the same codes and description as the original wave 1. While some companies like Big Bad Toy Store have recognised the change, others will see a mix of both versions being shipped out.

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