Rocky 7-inch Action Figures from NECA Toys : checklist database of releases & reviews

Series 1 2016

Rocky III

Series 2 


Rocky IV

2016 (Series 1)

Rocky III

Rocky, black shorts (original movie poster)

Clubber Lang, black shorts

Clubber Lang, blue shorts

Rocky, yellow shorts

2017 (Series 2)

Rocky IV

Apollo Creed

Ivan Drago, yellow shorts

Ivan Drago, red shorts

Rocky Balboa


NECA's first Rocky Action Figures were released in 2012 on clamshell packaging. The line produced a number of variant Rocky figures along with opponents like Apollo Creed, Ivan Drago and Clubber Lang. After a short hiatus which saw these original releases rocket in value on the secondary market, NECA returned to the line in 2016 with the 40th Anniversary Collection.

The plan was to release at least four series of figures based on the first four Rocky movies. The figures were a mixture of re-releases from the original line, tweaks, repaints and updates. The first four figures from Rocky III arrived in 2016 and the following year were followed by figures from Rocky IV including the long awaited Apollo Creed "showman" and Rocky draped in the Stars & Stripes.

Sadly the sales did not meet expectations and the line was cancelled after just the two waves. 

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