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Multi-Pack, General, Boxed

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Family Box Set

Materiał źródłowy

Seed of Chucky

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Seed Of Chucky 3 Figure Box Set by NECA. Chucky's back once again, and this time he's brought the whole family. Glen is an orphan, a total wimp, and worst of all, a living doll forced to perform as a circus freak to make a living. 

Once he resurrects Chucky and Tiffany, who happen to be dear old mom and dad, Poppa Chucky wants him to continue the family business of murder and mayhem. Part gross-out gorefest, part gut-busting comedy, Seed of Chucky is the weirdest entry in the series yet! 

NECA has introduced this boxed set of the whole family. Each figure measures approximately 6 inches tall, and has multiple points of articulation. They come supplied in a full colour window box. Whether it warms your heart or turns your stomach, this is a must-have for any Chucky fan!

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