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T-800, Battle Damaged Tech Noir



Anno di uscita


Tipo di rilascio

General Clamshell

Serie o Wave

Series 2

Materiale di partenza

The Terminator

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T-800, Battle Damaged Tech Noir
T-800, Battle Damaged Tech Noir

A brand new collection containing figures from the original James Cameron Terminator films, including for the first time ever: The original 1984 Terminator in action figure form.

Series 2 includes Battle Damaged Tech Noir T-800 w 2 different heads, the Steel Mill T-1000 also with 2 different heads, and the Police Station Assault T-800 with 2 different heads!

Each figures stands 7″ tall and features multiple points of articulation along with movie-accurate accessories. Clamshell packaging.

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