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Dracula, Carfax Abbey



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Ultimate, Boxed, General

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Universal Monsters, Dracula (1931)

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Dracula, Carfax Abbey
Dracula, Carfax Abbey

NECA announces a new Ultimate action figure of the most famous vampire of them all… Dracula!

NECA has created a special black-and-white figure that features the formal tuxedo seen at Dracula's Carfax estate. Designers worked closely with the estate of Bela Lugosi to capture the actor's expressive likeness and for additional background detail on important costume elements.

Standing in 7" scale, the Ultimate Dracula (Carfax Abbey) action figure has a removable soft goods cape and comes with plenty of accessories: top hat, cane, bat, flight stand, plus three interchangeable heads and hands.

Includes additional neck piece making it compatible with the heads from the color version.

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