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Ambush Predator



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Tipo di rilascio

Exclusive, Blister Card

Serie o Wave


Materiale di partenza

Kenner Inspired

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Ambush Predator
Ambush Predator

Paying tribute to the lost tradition of mail-order figures, Ambush Predator is inspired by the classic Kenner mail-away version from the early 1990s. “Ambush” is a prototype invincibility armor intended to be powered by the user’s own energy. It works… too well, rapidly draining the wearer and leaving a telltale discoloration around the eyes. Only Viper Predator has been able to wear it for any length of time, and even he reserves it for the most extreme occasions. This highly articulated clear figure stands approximately 8″ tall. Ambush Predator comes with two removable masks, removable backpack and two large battle blade weapons.

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