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Batman (Gold Label), Todd McFarlane Design


DC Multiverse

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Exclusive, Boxed

Serie u ola

Walmart Gold Label

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DC Multiverse

Batman (Gold Label), Todd McFarlane Design
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Batman (Gold Label), Todd McFarlane Design
Batman (Gold Label), Todd McFarlane Design

In the 1980’s, Todd McFarlane began drawing Batman™ professionally, working on the classic storyline “Batman: Year Two™” in Detective Comics™, and creating iconic artwork, including his dynamic cover for Batman #423. Todd went on to become a titan of the comic book industry, but has always had an affinity for Batman, stating, “I’ve always liked the fact that Batman has no superpowers. When it comes down to it, he’s just a dude in a costume. Conceivably, if you pushed him off a roof (Batarangs, etc. aside), he could potentially die, unlike Superman™.”

Product Features:

  • Incredibly detailed 7” scale figures based off the DC Multiverse

  • Designed with Ultra Articulation with up to 22 moving parts for full range of posing and play

  • This Batman figure is inspired from the mind of Todd McFarlane, to create a new never before seen before version of Batman. This figure is featured with a Black Cape and Cowl

  • Batman comes with two swords, and a base

  • Includes collectable art card with Todd McFarlane Batman artwork on front and character biography on the back.

  • Figures are showcased in McFarlane Gold Label Series DC themed window box packaging

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