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'Fractured' Belle


Video Games

Año de lanzamiento


Tipo de lanzamiento

Boxed, Exclusive, Multi-Pack

Serie u ola

Gold Label, Amazon (5-inch)

Material de origen

Disney Mirrorverse

'Fractured' Belle
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'Fractured' Belle
'Fractured' Belle

Mulan Honorable and extremely proficient with a sword, Mulan is a hundred warriors in one. Her fighting spirit has been heightened, so she can call on the combined knowledge of her ancestors, the greatest heroes of her lineage. Ariel Ariel's adaptability and courage embolden her to fight against any odds as the keeper of balance between the earth, sea, and sky. Belle (Fractured) Summoned from The Fractured Mirror, these mindless Fractured Goons are unrelenting in their efforts to appease whatever mysterious power compels them. These specialized soldiers employ a variety of vicious attacks to bring the opposition to its knees.

  • McFarlane Gold Label Amazon Exclusive

  • Based on the Disney Mirrorverse mobile game

  • Designed with articulation for pose and play

  • Mulan includes sword

  • Belle includes rose staff

  • Ariel includes trident

  • Collect all Disney Mirrorverse Figures from McFarlane Toys

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