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Ultimate Goblin BAF Wave

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BAF Ultimate Green Goblin: The Ultimate Green Goblin is a massive Hulk-like figure with a demonic horn-studded head and multiple swirls of translucent orange flame which can be attached his back and limbs. Attempting to create a functional Super Soldier formula for S.H.I.E.L.D., unscrupulous industrialist Norman Osborn adds OZ to his DNA, inadvertently transforming himself into an immense green-skinned monstrosity imbued with drastically heightened strength, reflexes and stamina, and a pyrokinetic ability which enables him to generate destructive fireballs. His initial rampage results in his apparent death, however he later reemerges and develops a means of controlling his transformations into the Green Goblin via OZ injections, the latter creating horrific red-hazed hallucinations.

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