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Ultimate Goblin BAF Wave

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SPD LEGENDS SPAWN OF SYMBIOTES (Toxin): Toxin is fringed with Symbiote tendrils which are presumably removable from his back like those of the Carnage figure. The Toxin symbiote is the spawn of Carnage; disdainful of producing a spawn which may eventually become a more powerful rival, Carnage plans to kill the spawn the moment it is born, however his plan is confounded by Venom, the latter intending to protect the spawn and potentially gain a partner. Carnage is weakened by the process of producing the spawn and injects it into a host body, belonging to policeman Patrick Mulligan, with the intention of destroying the spawn on a later occasion. Mulligan merges successfully with the symbiote, becoming Toxin, and is powerful enough to battle Carnage and Venom simultaneously.

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